Supplier of Small Molecules and Kinase Inhibitors | SYNkinase - SYNkinase is a trusted supplier of enzyme inhibitors focusing solely on small molecule and kinase inhibitors for drug discovery research. View our library.

  • Target Enzyme Activity - Product List of Enzyme Inhibitors | SYNkinase - SYNkinase provides life science researchers with the world's most up to date library of kinase and small molecule inhibitors. View our pure, potent products
  • Kinase Inhibitors: MAP Kinase, PI3 Kinase, CDK Inhibitors | SYNkinase - High purity kinase inhibitor products for catalyzing phosphorylation. Widely used in signal transduction pathways and cellular processes, view our library.
  • Epigenetics Enzyme Inhibitor Products for Drug Discovery | SYNkinase - High in purity and efficiency, our epigenetic inhibitors allow researchers and scientists to conduct cell-based assays for drug discovery research. View now
  • G Protein-Coupled Receptor - GPCR Signaling Pathway | SYNkinase - View our exclusive SYN3002 product for protein inhibition and stimulation within the GCPR signaling pathway. View interactive pathways and products now.
  • Develop a Kinome Profile with the KiNet-1 Affinity Probe | SYNkinase - The most powerful kinase capture tool identified to date, our Affinity Probe is capable of capturing over 200 kinases from a single cell line. Learn more.
  • High Purity Kinase Screening Library Arrays | SYNkinase - We offer kinase inhibitor collections, including custom library arrays. Minimize your screening costs and maximize your discoveries. We guarantee the highest purity.
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  • Small Molecule and Kinase Inhibitor Experts | - Supplier of small molecule and kinase inhibitors for signaling research, our mission is to provide pure, potent products for drug discovery research.
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