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  • Jennifer Franckum - Didn't adequately cover Italy

    I have used Rick Steves' for many of my trips to Europe, and I usually find his advice right on. Years ago I had purchased his Tuscany book and I loved it! So, this time we planned a trip to see some of the "lesser know" parts of Italy. This book didn't adequately cover Italy. It focused on the big cities . . . Rome, Florence, Venice. I would not purchase again.

  • Larry Lian - It is really a great product

    This one worked. Packing and shipping are good. The only thing I can't verify is that how long the result will keep. The cost of the product is a bit high.

  • Erin - Awesome body/hand warmer!

    I got this last winter because I worked outside at a horse barn for 6-8 hours a day and needed something to help keep me warm. I love this product! I would light it and let it side outside of the pouch for 15-20 minutes to warm up, put in my inside coat pocket and I was good to go! I even used in my back pant pockets to thaw out my bum before riding my horse on those frigid days. It definitely has that kerosene type scent, but really when it is that cold out, who cares, so long as it warms you up, and that it did awesome at.

  • Drew - Not that bad, very good amount of examples

    The cost might be kind of high, but if its your first time using the Microsoft offi e suites, this book will truly be able to guide you through everyday tasks you would face in the work place. A++

  • Nikki - five stars

    This is my first portable charger. I charge this one time for a few hours and can then charge my phone several times without the inconvenience of being tethered to a wall. I absolutely love this item. It is so convenient for airport trips and long flights. I received a sample of this product from the manufacturer to give a detailed review of the user experience and how to improve the product. But I have been purchasing them as gifts for family members because it is so convenient.