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  • KEVIN L DRAIN - HR Block basic

    Loved it for what it did but I thought that state was included. Now I need to purchase state at a whooping $40. where I only paid 12 for this

  • lizzyj47 - Hot Cream, Feel Great On That Pain

    As a person with cronic pain and fybromyalgia along with arthritus, i manage to try just about every product i can on the market. This cream is made from many natural ingredients, im not going to list them, you can look at the ad for the cream and they are all listed, but i will say helping with natural ingredients is the way to go. this cream works better than icy hot and bengay which neither do anything for me. It comes in a jar 8.8 oz, and it seems to go quite a ways. The orange color is deceiving, i thought i was gonna turn orange, not so, it blends in nicely. It has a pepermint odor which is one my favorite, certainly better than ben gay or some of those so called pain relievers. When rubbed in, it feels warm, not overly hot but warm and soothing, rubbed in, it takes the pain away for probably a half to three quarters of an hour. the main thing for me is its a relief and i put more on. I like the fact it was not ever used on animals, is made from natural ingredients and is less expensive than a lot of other pain creams that do not work nearly as well. I would definitely recommend it. As for the claim for cellulite, i honestly can not tell you as i use it strictly for pain.

  • TAM BAM - it's like a mirror

    This tv has A LOT of glare...it's like a mirror. Can see windows, lamps and everything else in it. Only time it has a great picture is when the room is dark...and the remote is suppose to have a voice recognition buttton on it but it does not


    These instant mashed potatoes have been our favorites for years. Unfortunately, as many others report, their usual local source for the product has been Costco. The stores here in San Diego haven't had them in stock for many months. We tried other brands, but they just don't taste as good as the Honest Earth potatoes. Why? I have no idea. These just have a more natural "fresh" taste than almost all of the other potato flakes or instant products we've found. Honest Earth is a good value here, and a pack will make enough for four people easily. You don't have to add anything, except water. I usually use some milk in the mix, and a bit of salt if you want it. Also, add a bit of butter or margarine, if desired. I hope Amazon always carries these for those of us who love them, and we don't have to order them from the factory. (Buying through Amazon Prime is a breeze!)

  • Abby - Works Great Even If You Aren't Pregnant or Nursing

    I am only in my thirties, but my skin gets beat up pretty bad a work and it is starting to show. So far this has helped my skin look healthier. It makes my skin feel so smooth, soft, and hydrated. I love all the natural ingredients it has in it. This has really made my feel healthy again. I still have acne prone skin and must rotate my products. This has helped with my acne breakouts too. I use this in the shower in the morning. I just get my face wet, squeeze a tiny amount of the cleanser in my hand, rub on my face, and wash off with the warm shower water. You can leave on for a few minutes to really get a deep clean, which I have done. There is a light scent, but it does not stay with you for long. I did not experience any redness or irritation while using this. Since this bottle lasts forever, the price is very good. I would recommend this to anyone.