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  • Richyyrich - A helpful book

    Full of useful information, the 2015 already is coming out. Wish I would have waited. Before you buy one of these books, see if they're coming out with a new one and if so when. The information changes yearly so it's best to buy the newest one available. The book is massive.

  • Eric Wall - These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable EXCEPT for the arch support

    These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable EXCEPT for the arch support... I think this is an indicator more of my arches than these shoes, but I have very flat arches. These shoes apparently have very good arch support, but they hurt because my arches are too flat for them... it's taken 5-6 wearings of these shoes for the shoes to relax and fit my arches better... the first time I wore these shoes, I could only wear them for about an hour. I could go for longer periods each successive time after that.

  • Regina Holloway - Dante the hot mafia hitman

    You have a dark story that become a love story. Dante is given the task to break Jodie and prepare her to become a submissive sex slave. Dante realizes his growing attraction makes him want to keep her. Jodie finds herself wanting to be his. Well written story that has a good pace. Deals with hard subjects. BB Hamel continues to make dark plots enjoyable to read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.