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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174 , New Zealand

  • Ivan C. - Go now and clean, my minion, clean!

    The Roomba 770 works as advertised, and appears to be a very well designed gadget. If your house has a complex floor plan, you might want the next model up 780 which is a little bit smarter - it knows what room it's in. This model doesn't really know where it is, but in a simple 1 or 2 bedroom open floor plan with the charging station in the middle, it doesn't really need to know where it is.

  • Amazon Customer - Thank you!

    A few weeks ago I ordered the product to see if the hype was real. I've never been the type to take mental focus pills because I truly never believed in them and thought they were just something that was a joke. But after a few weeks, I've noticed my days...especially mornings are much more clear and my energy levels and focus levels are on point. It wasn't something that happened instantly, but over time I could deffinetly see a difference. Another phenomenal product by 1st Phorm!

  • dralexy - One of the best Tat support gels

    Had a major tattoo update and this stuff hydrates like no other... really moistens and makes the tat rich. Not cheap - but hey.. i'm a work of art!!

  • Cedar's mom - hard upselling, difficult cancellation

    I called in to order Total Transformation after hearing it on the radio with an offer to get your money back by reviewing it. The thing is, when you call, they spend alot of time (at least 15 minutes for my call) trying to get you to sign up for more services (especially the parental help line which is free the first month and charged after that). I almost hung up and should have since I was clear from the beginning that i only wanted Total Transformation. AFter getting the parental help line which i planned on canceling, I called the number 3 times during the first month and there was never an answer. it says to call 9-4 eastern time and I called during that time. the message said "call during regular hours". it was 8am western time so well within the time slot. Finally when i got my credit card bill I called the number on that and cancelled after being charged for a month----I had to wait on hold for 5 minutes to even get a customer service rep. The materials themselves might be good--I haven't gotten through them--the first couple of CDs and pages of information are more commercials for the program!! I already ordered the thing, why do you have to sell it to me again? Hopefully I'll find the information I was looking for soon. There's only so much time I have to sit and listen to CDs out of earshot of my daughter.

  • Jackal - Super High Quality & Functional Wall Mount

    OK - at first I was very skeptical to purchase a very inexpensive $25 wall mount for my 40" LCD Samsung tv set since most people used it on a 32" LCD or smaller set. However, this wall mount FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and rivals $200 wall mounts in terms of functionality and pars $125+ wall mounts in terms of construction quality. I am an intermediate to advanced level DIY-er, but don't work with my hands for a living, and managed to get this mount installed perfectly. One person can do most of the installation, but once you are ready to mount the LCD, you will need some assistance holding it up and positioning the LCD in place (I used an empty box with a pillow help raise the set, and my wife's help to position it in place). My LCD is located in the corner of my living room over a fire place. Given the fact the LCD is at a high location, I wanted a mount that not only can be positioned to rotate left and right, I wanted it to be TILTED downward towards the viewers/ sofa couches. This mount has more features than many others out there(my friend paid $180 for his mount at a retail store and doesn't have all the adjusting options). If you know what you're doing, you will have no problem with this mount. It even allows 'some' degree of user error by letting you rotate the LCD clockwise and/or counter clockwise from a standing position in case you did not use a leveler or measure properly. All necessary screws, bolts and instructions were included for my set.

  • Jacklyn O. - YOU BE THE JUDGE

    I would not buy this product again. For a few dollars, at any local drug store, you can purchase a bottle of Biotin, which will produce the same effects as this item for a lot less output. However, I did not use it for a very long period of time, only about three weeks, so, in all honesty, this review is really unfair. I did not give it a chance. You will have to be the judge.

  • Melerose - They recommended the Microsoft Security Essentials which is free

    We never used this. Lost our money. It interfered with something and next thing you know our hard drive locked up. Needed to take it to a computer shop to get to our files. They recommended the Microsoft Security Essentials which is free. That seems to have worked well. I've used earlier versions of Kaspersky. In my past experience it never flagged anything. But neither has Microsoft Essentials. I'm wondering if they really are relevant.