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  • Idongesit Emah - Works like magic

    Many thanks to Amazon. I'm now wondering if I still have these mysterious cockroaches around in my kitchen and my cars because I don't see them around anymore for the past 1 month. These mysterious bugs seemed to be resistant to all insecticides known to me. The magic gel came in and it was as if a cat came into a house invaded by rats, all the rats disappear dead or alive. But I'm at the same time wondering why this gel doesn't kill ants. The dead roaches attract ants which I didn't bother myself initially thinking they will eventually die off too, but I later realized they don't. However, I don't consider it a big challenge as 1 good spray of insecticide kills all of them. I recommend it to anyone having these mysterious bugs in his car or home

  • ROBORG - Quicken Deluxe 2014 is just as buggy as 2013!

    During a year of Quicken 2013 I suffered through a of transactions landing in an [Unspecified Account]. I bought 2014 believing Intuit that 2014 would be an improvement over 2013. Absolutely no improvement! I wish that Google would move into the personal finance arena so that Inuit would be forced to improve the quality of their products and to innovate.

  • Jay Jay - More than a book...

    More than a book, thus book was life, real life. I felt their heartache, love, frustration and every emotion they had, so you can imagine how good this was and how good the writing is.

  • Dummie 1 - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The book is way over rated. I wouldn't purchase it again. The author assumes far too much base-line knowledge, i.e one needs to acquire a Excel "primer for dummies" before taking on the book.

  • Gabriel Reason - Works as supposed to

    I purchased this item after trying a wide variety of brands. All of them ripped at the pin or stopped working for no reason. This is a white charger working nicely and convenient for the distance too

  • Rusty Shackleford - DO NOT TEST THE BEARS

    If you're thinking that all these people are lying in their reviews, think again. I doubted, oh I doubted so much. I ate about 40 of these little bastards just to see if it was all true. What happened to me next was truly gastrointestinal armageddon. It took about 3 hours for the demon bears to wake up inside me and launch their attack. Let me be clear about one thing. This is not your typical mudbutt, no. This is truly bear generated rocket fuel shooting out of your ass and propelling you off the throne. You will not sit for minutes at a time slowly cleansing your body of bear, you will evacuate your bowels instantaneously, and you will do it many, many times. The fury of the bears started around 9:30 at night. I am typing this review at 8:30 the next morning and my insides are still churning with full bear rage. The flatulent aftermath is just horrific. Im not just ripping farts, I am shredding them. You will shart. I guarantee it.

  • elsie - Noticeable difference after only 1 use!

    I LOVE, repeat LOVE this moisturizer. I had noticed my skin breaking out more and more often and being 40 just did not think this should be, especially as I have never been prone to breaking out, even as a teen. Since I had been using the same line of skin care product for 20 years, I decided that my 40 year old skin was not the same as my 20 year old skin and that I needed to make a change. I bought the Perricone pore cleanser and this day cream and I noticed a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of my skin after just one use. After three days, the only thing left of my rashy breakout areas was a little patchy dry skin and now after five days my skin is as smooth and clear as a baby's bottom! I do not think I will ever buy from another skin care line. These products are awesome!