Free Support – REGISTER FOR FREE ON LINE SUPPORT @ Open 24/7 CHAT ROOMS - REGISTER FOR SUPPORT ON LINE @ OPEN 24/7 Chat Rooms Sometimes referred to as Psychiatric or Psychological Disorders, Mental Health Disorders are caused by complex interactions between physical, Psychologic, social, cultural, and hereditary influences. They involve disturbances in thinking, emotion, and/or behavior. Small disturbances in these aspects of life are common, but when such…

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  • ANXIETY CHART EXAMPLE – Free Support - I created my own Anxiety Chart in Word and printed it out, Charts can be a Great Self Help tool in learning your every day Stress Factors and Triggers it helps you not repeat the same things that cause daily stress here is my Anxiety Chart Example bwlow   ANXIETY CHART:   SITUATION:___________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________.…
  • Mood Tracking and Journaling MOOD CHART EXAMPLE – Free Support - One of the best coping strategies, suggested by professionals and patients alike, is using a mood chart to track my own episodes and symptoms. A mood chart can be a preventive tool to help identify early warning signs for relapse, a record for physicians and family to help assess the efficacy of different medications and…
  • CLICKABLE ORGANIZATIONS – Free Support - Bipolar Disorder and other serious brain diseases are an extreme challenge not only for the person afflicted, but for the entire family. It helps a great deal to be able to talk with other people who have, or are, going through the same things that you are - to share tips and local resources in…
  • CLICKABLE RESOURCES #1 – Free Support - “United States” Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association (DRADA) Meyer 3-181, 600 North Wolfe Street Baltimore, MD 21287-7381 Phone: (410) 955-4647 The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) ll87 Wilmette Avenue, #33l Wilmette, IL 6009l Phone: (847) 256-8525 Fax: (847) 920-9310 Email:[email protected] A parent-led group providing education, support, and advocacy for children, adolescents, families and professionals. Federation of Families for…
  • CLICKABLE RESOURCES #2 – Free Support - “CLICKABLE General Medical Information” Medscape Searchable, online index to hundreds of medical journals. Many articles are available in full, others as abstracts only. PubMed Free interface for searching the MEDLINE medical database, which can help you find out about studies, medications, and more. “Medications” There are a number of books available that list side effects,…
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  • sheri clark - Helpful information

    Especially liked that they graphed not just the average accepted GPAs and MCATs, but also the range. Contains a lot of information I havent even had time to peruse yet

  • Kona Mike - Same as Toyota at half the cost

    Save a ton of money. We all know the dealer wants an arm and a leg for aftermarket or options like this. Relatively easy install. Read and follow the instructions and save yourself some grief.

  • Jinju - Works for us

    My husband has a problem with sores on his head. Not massive sores, but lots of little ones as a result of oil clogged pores on his scalp. I bought the shampoo after doing some research on the Internet, then begged my husband to at least try it.

  • Ms.Smarte Blonde - Very disappointed with Avast!2014!!! Got another AV

    I had Avast!Free for a year or two - no problem whatsoever. Paid for Avast!2013 $29.99 no problem whatsoever.

  • Brian Vignjevic - Breaks every 3 months.

    Swiffer is very poorly built. As if they made it to last up to 3 months. Top handle breaks off so easy. It is made with poor quality plastic and it is very thin where it connects to metal rod. Once floor is cleaned there is some sort of thin residue that attracts dirt and makes hardwood dull. Considering quality and effectiveness this product should be rated 0. Have "experts" at P&G ever tried to use this product themselves?

  • Amazon Customer - Great read...

    read this first then my sister's grave. I think it gave me deeper sense of tracy as a whole making GRAVE a more intense read. well worth a dollar! so anticipating final this author...thanks for writing wonderfully fulfilling novels.

  • Tom Clark - Great deal at amazon warehouse!

    Bought these ray-bans from the amazon warehouse. They were about 1/3rd the cost of new ones from ray-ban. The first pair had a couple minor chips in the right lens and I debated keeping them. But I sent them back, free of charge, and the next pair are perfect! Great deal!