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  • Liza - First time using

    I rated it 3 stars for "It's ok" because there are shows here. I am just now trying this for the first time. I tried watching the PILOT to Almost Human...and I can't get through it. The video keeps switching from average picture and sound quality, to low picture and sound quality. I searched reviews to see if anyone else was having this problem, and decided to leave a review of my own. My mom bought this...again, I am rating off of my very first use. I will keep looking into it. Also, my mom was watching football with this and her video kept freezing, and buffering. Her max laptop speed is about 1.6 GHz (which isn't very fast for technology these days) if you have a slow comp..I do NOT recommend. I think best performance would be on a 2.0 GHz or higher (mine is 1.9 GHz). Ok, another thing...I was told this thing could get channels & shows from all over the world, and I LOVE my Korean Dramas...but I can't find them. Anyway I will keep looking into this, and see if it gets better :).....or worse :/

  • M. Kovarik - Linux (mostly) Compatible

    Installed Ubuntu 16.04. Everything seems to work, including Bluetooth and resuming from a suspended state.

  • Darnell Grimes - One small step for man, One giant step for mankind!!!

    So, I finally got it. The Sony Playstation VR that i've waited for. Was it worth the wait? The answer is yes. I was blown away before the system was even installed. The love that Sony put into just the packaging of this set is awww inspiring. Unboxing videos and photos are readily available, but, i recommend waiting to