Review: | TradeMarks, Copyrights, and Advertising - Medical endorsements can be powerful selling tools for health care products. But if a medical professional has a connection to the company marketing the

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  • Kaniac - Definitely curbs appetite

    This product helps curb the appetite big time. I haven't lost any weight yet but I am eating less and I have the extra energy to exercise so I'm optimistic. Sadly I wanted to order more but it says it's currently unavailable. :( Really hoping they get it back in stock before I run out!!

  • falala2012 - Works but caused too much gas for baby

    A little pricey but well worth as it definitely works. It increased my milk supply by about 6 or more oz per day and I didn't smell like fenugreek! Unfortunately if gave my baby terrible gas pains and caused spotting for me so I had to stop taking it. Still worth a try if you want to increase your supply...just watch for changes in baby's fussiness.

  • tyler - Detox tea

    I received this product as indicated by the seller. it arrived on time and I did not have any issues or concerns with the delivery or product.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product, installed very easy

    Great product, installed very easy, fit well and matched the rest of the black plastic molding on the vehicle. Very happy with look and function.