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  • Haze - The mouse feels great in your hand

    I generally do not write reviews but for this mouse, I figured I would share. The mouse feels great in your hand; it’s not too heavy or too light. The mouse can be used ambidextrously, has 11 programmable buttons and even lights up with customizable RGB lighting (Logitech boasts 16.8 million colors to choose from!). Did I mention it’s wireless?

  • A. J. Hess - It. Works.

    I'm a believer! I took these drops three times a day and followed the HCG diet and had IMMEDIATE results. I lost 9.5 pounds in four days. It was unreal to see a constant loss on the scale. I also have no cravings for sweets or bad fats.... I am so happy I finally found something that works for me!!!

  • Replicant - Awkward size......

    I don't know if I totally understand this item. I think it's basically the same as the TrackR Bravo by the same company, but just a lot bulkier. That doesn't make a ton of sense to me.

  • golfgram - Great toy for the whole family!

    We bought the first 2013 Hess Truck at a Hess Express Gas Station as a Christmas gift for our grandson, aged 7. He loved it, grandpa loved it, but our granddaughter, aged 5 loved it the most! We had not thought to buy her one! So we ordered this one on Amazon for her and gave it to her for her birthday, which is right after Christmas. Now they are both happy and love to use all the back up and loading noises available on the trucks. They also love to play the online game.

  • Ben Gordon - BEST FPS IN YEARS!!!!

    I played the beta for BF1 and was skeptical. But after getting my hands on the full version I can say this is the most incredible FPS i've played since first trying CoD 4 so many years ago. The game is beautiful, gritty, and hard, but fair. THIS is a next generation FPS that puts modern day Call of Duty to shame!