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    I purchased two Roto Clippers as Christmas presents for my wife and daughter. I decided to see how it worked when trimming my nails. I managed to get one nail done, but it stopped just as I started on the next one. I tried everything I could to fix the problem but was unable to fix it. I asked my daughter how her's was doing and she said the same thing. As far as I am concerned, this product is crap and I would never recommend it to anyone.

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    This product is worth it's weight in gold. If you don't use this product you need to have your tank drained every other year or so, depending on its use. This product, my plumber says, will keep you from having to go through the draining process. I use this on the first of every month and have used it for years, this size is a great savings over the single size sold in the grocery store.

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    I've read a lot of posts - a bunch good and bad. I thought it was good idea to give my opinion to help others decide whether to purchase this product. Altogether, this is a wonderful product! I had one issue with software setup, but tech support worked through it in about 5 minutes (at no charge - initial setup).

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    Now I admit that this did not work for me as a curl defined by itself! It needs to be paired up with the no shrink flaxseed gel or eco styler...but I like it as a moisturizer! I use it as my moisturizer and seal and then use something heavier for styling purposes. Also, this is a humectant which I wouldn't advise during winter months. ...

  • Fair N Freckles - What is in this stuff?! WOW

    I am probably one of the biggest skeptics on the planet, and the worst part, is I don't have the patience to give something enough time to work before I chuck it in the drawer as ineffective. I have a fairly high pain daily with knee pain, but my right knee was to the point that I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon...but ...I knew what he was going to say. "Lose some weight and your knees will feel better." Oh my gosh, why didn't I think of that? So I patiently explained that I realize that I'm extra fluffy, and I am losing some fluff, but I need help NOW! Not in the future....NOW. The same day I made that appointment, the Penetrex delivery arrived. I put it on as directed that night. Can't say I felt much of a change, but I'm usually good to try something for a couple days. The next morning, it did feel a little better when I got out of bed. As directed, I put more on in the morning, at lunch time and by that remember this is after only 3 applications, I felt a HUGE difference in my pain level. I mean reduced down from a 9 to a 4-5. I was absolutely amazed. Ok, before anyone is thinking this is the miracle of the millenium, that relief didn't last long - but it did continue pretty steady as I continued to apply the Penetrex 3-4 times each day until my doctor appointment. I was given a cortisone shot that totally relieved the pain at that point, so I stopped the Penetrex. The diagnosis? Severe arthritis, bone spur, and torn meniscus. Penetrex gave me relief enough to function way better than my normal. It's now been 6 days since my cortisone shot and I'm back to my normal level of pain - you can bet I'm bringing the Penetrex back out and starting back on the regime. I've already given some to my co-workers for their shoulder pain (helped them) and I'm telling everyone I know about Penetrex. Even showed it to the doctor - his answer, if it's helping, absolutely use it! Best advice I had that whole day. :)