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  • K. Park - Good starter but felt it could be better

    So I have had this game for awhile. I actually purchased my Kinect + XBox in hopes of using it to tailor my workout. I think it is great that "games" like this has feedback functions that allow you to see how well you are doing as well as making exercise somewhat fun.

  • SaraJFF - High quality, perfect fit

    I love my 2015 Jeep Cherokee, but had I realized the factory install roof rack bars were not built to the generic standard I would have asked for the dealer to include the crossbars in my package. Since I didn't know that at the time. I found myself looking for cross bars when I needed to use my Thule roof box that my husband got me at Christmas. The factory roof rack is much wider than most, meaning that the generic ones I bought at the big box store that "Fit All Makes and Models" did not fit and had to go back. I was shocked at how expensive most company's Jeep compatible crossbars are and it really wasn't in the budget to spend $300+ on crossbars. I was cautiously excited when I finally found this set that said they specifically fit my vehicle. When they arrived I was able to install them by myself (I'm 5'2") in about 10 minutes. A bonus was that they come with a rubber gasket to install to keep down wind noise. I drove a couple times without the gasket, then took them down and installed it (about 20 minutes total, much easier to take off and put back on now that I knew what I was doing) and they are basically silent with that gasket installed. I have now had them on my Jeep for about 3 weeks and they haven't loosened or had any problems at all. I'm so glad I found these and they are such high quality, I would definitely buy from this company again.

  • Miranda NYC - Smells amazing, very relaxing as bubble bath, love the natural ingredients.

    I love this! I used it as a bubble bath and it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep in the tub. It smells amazing and I love the fact its a natural product, I haven't tried it as a shampoo yet, I have other stuff by this company and have never been disappointed


    This car seat meets and exceeds our expectations. Very simple, good quality and can be positioned in 3 different positions, as well as placed backwards or facing to the front. Everything we were looking and more. Easy to clean and very sturdy,

  • Jonathan Dillard - This is a great power source

    This is a great power source. I got it and immediately plugged it in to power it up. It did not come with instructions, but the use of USB ports and power cords is pretty self explanatory. The cord that it came with is not very long, about 4inches. Also, the cord does not have a way to plug in, so you have to get a USB wall plug to put on the power cord. Should not be a problem since most electronics that use a USB to power up have one that detaches. If not, I think I remember seeing one on the counter of a drugstore, also at convenience store, for pretty cheap. With the power supply to the battery worked out, I waited until it charged (about 4 Hours). Next, I set out to see how long it would take to charge my phone (left it unplugged the night before just for that purpose). It was able to charge my phone in about 3 hours, while leaving it functional. I wanted to test the limits of the power supply, so I continued to use the battery to charge my cell phone completely for the next 3 nights. After that, I was able to top off my wife's phone, and provide power enough to my Kindle to finish a book before it died (about another hours worth of power).