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  • gogowiz1 - Predictable action adventure movie with big muscles

    Gee. Another Hercules movie. I was in the mood for cotton candy type entertainment, but it was not unique in any way (i.e. 300 - hyper-reality, Sin City - stylized mixed with cartoons, etc.). It was just a real loyal band of bandits who were trying to do the right thing by getting paid for killing bad guys. When they realized they were helping the bad guys, they turned on their previous benefactor and tried to do right. Yeah, it worked out, Hercules accepted his destiny, and everyone laid down arms. Hmmm. Life always works that way in the movies.

  • David Hurwitz - Does what it is supposed to.

    The Guide 10 plus is exactly what it is purported to be: a method of charging small electronic devices using solar power. It does this reliably through the intermediate step of solar-charging a battery pack, then using the battery pack to charge your device. I have successfully charged a Kindle Fire and iPhone 5 with the Goal Zero. On a bright sunny day, I have demonstrated that the solar panel can even charge my iPhone directly, but it's better to charge the battery pack, then use it to charge the phone. The panel and battery pack are well-made, easy to connect to each other and use. I like the design of the panel, which has a pocket to store cables and the battery pack when not in use.