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  • Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad | Travel Insurance File - If you’re planning an out-of-country trip with children who are not your own, you should carry documentation showing that you have parental permission to do so. Need help? Download our sample letter.
  • The Concerned Snowbird Series | Travel Insurance File - Like thousands of other Canadians, Robert Woodcock aims to visit the southern United States each winter. But the 72-year-old retiree wants to know what travel health insurance really covers. His search for the right insurance––for himself and other Canadians––is the focus of The Concerned Snowbird series. “I sit there poolside and I am constantly thinking: Do I really have coverage? I [won’t] know until I make a claim.” Robert set out on a mission, and he agreed to let Travel Insurance […]
  • About TIF | Travel Insurance File - Since its inception in 2007, Travel Insurance File (TIF) has become one of the most authoritative (and most visited) websites for Canadian travellers and snowbirds. Designed as an independent, unbiased resource, TIF provides Canadian travellers with the information they need to make informed choices when travelling, crossing borders, and buying travel insurance. In July 2013, Ingle International purchased TIF’s editorial assets and title from publisher and editor Milan Korcok, and assumed full time management and operations of the website. Read […]
  • How to “Vet” Your Travel Insurance Policy | Travel Insurance File - Critics of travel insurance often argue that claim denials are too frequent, unfair to the customer, and might be avoided if issuers vetted policy applications at the time of distribution instead of when a claim is made. The rationale for that argument is that applicants could then be certain that their policy would pay off in case of medical emergency abroad. Sounds reasonable, as a principle—except that it’s impractical given the millions of policies issued to Canadian travelers each year. […]
  • What’s this 30-Day Rule for US Entries & Exits? | Travel Insurance File - Recently our content team received several queries concerning the ways US border authorities apply the so-called 30-day rule for Canadian visitors who temporarily leave the US and then  return, having perhaps taken a cruise out of Florida or after making a side-trip to Mexico or the Caribbean. How do such trips affect the Canadian visitor’s B2 visa allowance? (The B2 is the visa category under which Canadians are allowed to visit the US for vacation or tourism purposes for a […]
  • What Did We Learn From Hurricane Matthew? | Travel Insurance File - The passage of Hurricane Matthew up the East Coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas last week provides a perfect example of what to do, and what not to do, prior to the onset of a potentially lethal storm. I say ’prior to’ because once it arrives there’s not a lot your can do but keep your head down and stay sheltered.  And once it passes all you can do is fix what has been broken and try to remember […]
  • How to Buy Travel Insurance: Part 2 | Travel Insurance File - Canada’s travel insurance market is rich in choice, even if you’re not quite as healthy as an Olympic athlete. But before you get to the nitty-gritty of comparing products and prices, you should sort out your basic needs according to your general health, age, duration, frequency and purpose of travel. Let’s narrow down the choices to make them more specific to your individual needs. No frills, No Pre-existing Coverage Required If you’re perfectly healthy, take no medications, have no medical […]
  • How to Buy Travel Insurance Safely | Travel Insurance File -   If you’ve started thinking about your winter travel plans, as many Canadians normally do with the approach of Thanksgiving Day, keep travel insurance at the top of your to-do list. It’s too important to leave to the last minute. Though recent surveys by insurance regulators and travel industry groups have shown that claim denials are rare, it happen to you, and the repercussions can be disastrous to your finances and your wellbeing.  Travel insurance products are plentiful and increasingly […]
  • New Zika Travel Warnings for Miami Beach | Travel Insurance File - As Florida public health officials announced Miami’s Wynwood neighbourhood to be Zika-free this weekend, they affirmed that mosquito-borne transmission had spread through greater Miami Beach to an area encompassing its major tourist hotels and resorts. The newly-expanded Zika risk zone now runs south from 61st street, along the Northern edge of La Gorce Country Club, to 8th St. at the southern end of South Beach; and from the Atlantic shore to the inland waterway, an area of 4.5 square miles […]
  • Travelling South this Winter? Protect Your Loonie | Travel Insurance File - First off: let me admit I am no financial advisor. Do not bet your life savings on what I say. But I can read, and almost universally the people who are currency exchange experts are predicting anxious days ahead for the Canadian dollar. After a four-month slump, the loonie remains in the .75 to .76 USD range, and if the US Fed raises interest rates soon (as is widely predicted) the pressure will likely push the loonie further down. Sadly, […]

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