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  • Texas Terri - Printmaster 2012

    I had a previous Printmaster and LOVED IT !! However, this version is an extreme disappointment ... not nearly as user friendly and just does not do what I wanted and expected it to do. I would not use it at all except that my new computer has Windows 8 and my old version is not compatible.

  • Ryan Ledendecker - This is the most amazing honey I've ever had the pleasure of eating!

    I just recently (this year) started getting serious with honey. I knew there was better honey out there than the store bought stuff, and even the stuff you get on the side of the road (which is still good, mind you), but after a little research, I came across Wedderspoon....and wow.

  • Melissa - Dangerous ingredients for pregnancy

    I am 5 months pregnant and just became educated on ingredients in the products I have been applying to my hair and skin. So often we don't think past the food we are ingesting when we worry about chemicals. This product contains at least 4 ingredients (PEG-8, Yellow 5, Propylparaben, methylparaben) that are known carcinogens, can effect your liver and kidneys and endocrine systems. Remember, if it can effect your body it can effect you baby. I have been using a product called Belli Elasticity Belly Oil that has all natural ingredients. I got it on and it may be spendy but I love the way it makes my skin feel. I will continue to use the Belli products even after my baby is born!

  • Busy Man - Fit like a glove! Heavy duty rubberized material. Perfect!

    I just got the mats in today. They are heavy duty flexible rubberized material. They fit like a glove in my 2015 Jeep Renegade. A+++ to Mopar.

  • Andree Dunston - Increased Energy

    By following the guidelines for this eating plan, my energy increased a great deal after only one week. Don't be put off by the expensive food choices in the belly good pages. You can substitute for other foods, just keep the sugar at 15 grams a day. It makes you very much aware of what you are putting in your body and this is a good thing. Read labels, read labels, read labels. I was shocked at how much sugar had been in my diet before, because I always thought of myself as a healthy eater with a tummy problem! It is not an immedate weight loss fix, but you will feel tons better, guaranteed!

  • Taylor - I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays. Many of them were only a few pages long and able to be read in one sitting which was very convenient. The essays were very entertaining which made it a pleasant read and I recommend this to everyone of all ages.

  • Gina C - A must for any mom!!!!!!

    This thermometer is great! I originally recieved a damaged one. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one the same day! They were a pleasure to deal with. Now for the thermometer.... this is a must for kids! There is a forehead reader and an ear reader. They are very accurate. I compared to my calibrated thermometer at work and they were always within a point or two. This would make a great gift for a new mom or anyone with kids. The packaging is very attractive. This thermometer comes complete with batteries so it's ready to use right away! I would totally reccomend this product. I recieved this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiaste review