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  • Reviewer from DC - I am super picky with my sneakers

    My husband likes the color I chose. It's a somewhat Periwinkle Greyish tone. I am super picky with my sneakers! The shoes are comfortable, flexible, and they are breathable. However, because of the breathable mesh, the shoes are not good to wear when it's raining. Lots of water seeps through. Because of the comfort, I would buy these shoes again.

  • Will - Fun cricket game with a few shortcomings.

    I've had "International Cricket 2010" for about a week now and just love it. I think its the best cricket video game I've played so far; the only other game I've played was Cricket 07 for PC. My computer crashed and was too lazy to reinstall Cricket 07. Plus, I wanted a better game and a console game, so I searched the web and stumbled upon IC 2010. I originally saw it on Amazon's UK site so I kept looking and happily saw the US site had it as well. I ordered it right away and it came before the expected arrival date, which is always a plus.

  • Montana Babs - Garden Shears that are made for work.

    Sharp, Well Balanced, perfect to use over a long period of time. I was ask for a review. These could not be better. Made so you don't have to replace every year. Thank You

  • ajpenn84 - Does not work, made my condition even worse!

    Didn't order it from Amazon, ordered it from the company via the celebrity studded tv ad & it made my moderate acne severe & my slightly oily skin very oily! I used for 3 months & it didn't do anything except exacerbate the problems! I am going to stick with Clean & Clear or Neutrogena products. (Note to self, just because a pretty celebrity endorses a product [as they are paid to do so], doesn't mean the product is worth a ****!)

  • KingfisherHB - Terrible design! Would not buy again...

    This is a horribly designed snack tray. The way it snaps into the stroller puts it at a weird angle, making it hard to see the snacks in the tray as well as hard to grab the snacks placed inside the tray. The drink holder is on the smaller side and barley holds any of my daughters sippy cups. Ergonomically, a terrible design. The angle pitch is to high, terrible design for any child's reach.

  • Kindle Customer - Cooking Light

    I truly adore this magazine. I jumped at the chance to go digital because I am running out of space in my home for all the delicious recipes this magazine holds. The best part of being digital, any time, any place I can access my recipes. Even in the grocery store, when I left my shopping list on the table! So very convenient. There is one draw back for my daughter, she can't take it home with her when she comes to visit.