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  • newportmb74 - So far so good

    2000 lincoln continental dreaded AX4N trans acting up. Didnt want to have to drain trans to avoid overfilling. Since this is the same as the trans fix, and I also have a noisy power steering pump, I bought this, put 2 oz in power steering, much quieter. Put 8 oz in the trans, behaving better, less slipping and buzzing/whine( i may just buy the 24 oz trans fix and drain a quart off after all, and see how that goes.) Put last 2 oz in engine since trans fluid cleans lifters and I had a ticking noise, engine seems quieter/ smoother. Certainly worth the 12 bucks I paid. 1 Year after i first bought this still working

  • Amazon Customer - Used for rust buildup on Porcelain

    I live in Montana and we have a well. We deal with horrific problems with rust and mineral build up in every bathroom fixture. We have water softeners, filters etc. In the winter we have to leave a little water flowing in the faucets to keep pipes from freezing, and that dribble causes rust stains to build up down the walls of the tubs and the walls of the sinks. I tried everything from pumice stones to everything on the shelves at the janitorial supply to home depot. I didn't want anyone to see this disaster, it was embarrassing. Nothing worked and I was just about ready to pull out all the affected sinks etc. when my husband bought this off tv. I just rolled my eyes, and thought to myself, "how much did he spend on this?" He ignored me and disappeared somewhere in the house. Shortly, I hear my name being called with such excitement as he requested I come upstairs so I could see for myself. OMG, after so much struggle and so much money spent on things that didn't work, my Kohler sings were perfect. He has never given me birthday presents or gifts for Christmas that could have made me any happier as seeing my bathroom finally back to normal. I was beyond thrilled to not see that nasty rust stain and my beautiful sinks restored. I just finished cleaning the Jacuzzi tub with equal success.