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  • Alice M. Cabrera - Worth the money

    This shampoo really does make a difference when you have thinning hair. And it smells decent (unlike the first shampoo I tried for my thinning hair which also worked but I hated the smell).

  • Bridget - Effective cream, but scent is a bit off-putting for me.

    I used Natural Woman progesterone cream for a month before trying a different bioidentical progesterone cream, Life-Flo Progesta-Care. I was very happy with the beneficial effects from the Natural Woman cream but chose to find a new cream for a couple of reasons:

  • Arturo - Good value for money

    Having read mixed reviews for this product I had no idea what to expect, I need not have worried. Mine came with clear instructions in English and on first start up with the card installed it went straight to the format page, you just select 'yes' and a few moments later job done. There is a simple to use menu allowing access to all the parameters, the only one I had to change at this time was Date/Time.

  • Coby Turner - Other Reviewers are delusional.

    I ordered this after reading all the reviews and thinking "Wow, i am in for an adventrure" Much to my disapointment, this is nothing but a chinese plastic doll thingy. Come on reviewers, we take your word on these and you have let me down...

  • Beeby - All good so far! I'd recommend.

    I've only had this unit a few days and it only launched in the US last week. The device so far is great. Its a good size, it was easy to configure and operated flaulessly during my time on the bike this weekend. I got the bundle which includes the cadence and speed sensors and these are both the newer generation units which attach without the magnets we are all probably more used to. VERY easy to install and pair. The latest HRM is also included.

  • Linda L. - Grey's Anatomy Season 12

    I think this series is stale. The only good thing I can say about Grey's Anatomy is that it's not about the trenches of war, and murder in all of its variations including a dreary lexicon of one word.