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  • Claudia Berryman - Getting what's yours

    My rating of 5 stands. This is a story about manipulation, lies, greed, unscrupulous people..... Btw politics also. That SHOULD say it all , but that wouldn't be. It flows flawlessly. No stupid fillers either. Maxwell Rivers is all that & then some. Do yourself a favor. Pick this book up & read it !!!. You won't be disappointed.

  • Julie E. Fredrick - a dud

    I bought this product for myself for Christmas. When removing it with a cotton square, no dear skin or dirt was removed. Then I felt my face, and all of my peachfuzz was twisted in tiny little knots. I couldn't get them off with a buf-puf or scrub, so I hope they will go away on their own. NOT recommended if you have ANY fuzz on your face.

  • David - Poo B Gone

    It's one of those products that I have to assume it is working like it should. I don't have a window into my septic tank (lowers the value of the house) so I can't tell how much good it is doing. But my house doesn't smell like poo so I must be on the right track.

  • rmommy - Thought it wasn't working but it's perfect and a big hit!!

    I was excited to give Harry to my kid but at first I thought it wasn't working so I was disappointed for a few minutes but I realized it was only because the batteries weren't well installed... Anyway, once Logan got it he was all smiles!!

  • SeattlePrincess - Great Diaper Bag!

    I had been looking for a practical backpack that could double as my daughter's diaper bag yet would still have enough room for me to throw my wallet, keys and cell phone in. This is awesome ... and it was not $100!