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  • Yellosasha - Soft eyebrows

    I can't say if this product makes my eyebrows grow but it does make them feel nice and soft. I like to put it on after I take off my makeup. Its clear so you don't get any residue. No drip applicator so its easy to use.

  • Robert Guild - I am seeing immediate results

    I have been searching for years and after paying about $20,000 for tests and treatments by 2 gastroenterologists and a Dr of Neuropathy, I have finally found Dr Campbell-McBride to be a credible source. I went on the stage 1 diet and immediately my insomnia went away. I have had debilitating auto immune symptoms for about 5 years and this treatment is showing encouraging results.

  • Amazon Customer - This documentary offers a good balance of wanting to believe and skepticism and throws ...

    This is not your average ghost show. This documentary offers a good balance of wanting to believe and skepticism and throws actual logic into the mix. It feels honest and real, and even though the team are obviously not experienced ghost hunters they don't try to hide that and make you feel like they are. Half of the fun of the show is learning along with the team and seeing them progress! This is a great documentary and I highly recommend it!

  • Alison Kohler - Not worth it for me!

    Loved the look for two months! Then the door hinge loosened and the door was hanging and fell off. Not a happy jeeper!

  • Jayden Reshun Evans - review

    I thought that the graphics where awesome and I really felt like I was hunting. The guns are amazing and the creativity in the game was great. I give this game five stars and now you know why

  • Rachel - Definitely a pain reliever!!

    Ive have had plenty of Uti's before, and I dread the thought that I would ever go experience that pain again! Recently I felt a sting when I used the bathroom, so I was debating in going to the doctor (which is really expensive) or trying this product. I decided to give it a try! Best decision I ever made! I picked up the uti test strips and the azo STANDARD pills, I went home took the test and it came out positive and started taking pills that very same day. Usually, I start taking medications for any pain as soon as I feel it coming so I can prevent any further extreme pain. Right after that pill, I started feeling more comfortable while using the bathroom and less of a sting. Now in 2 days the uti has completely disappeared. 2days!! Unbelievable !!! And I didn't feel a thing after taking the pills! I certainly reccomend this product! It's true, not all medicine works the same for different ppl but I strongly suggest to at least give it a try! You never know if your relief is in the pharmacy up the road or in this website! Blessings sent your way!!! Cheers