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  • Virginia Bennett - The microphone is good

    Good clear sound, fits nicely behind the ear so doesn't fall off, and has good range - only breaking up a little when I'm at the other end of my flat from the phone. The microphone is good, people I've called (phone, WhatsApp, FB messenger calls) all said they could hear me fine. And the ability to swivel the earpiece round 180 degrees means it can fit either ear. Would definitely recommend!

  • Omaha Bagger - Take your time but definately pays off in the way of appearance.

    Received as a gift this past Christmas and was excited to add the bright white to my Speed3. Front and dome lights were a breeze. Visor lights were just as easy, just take your time snapping the cover back on. Hatch light was the next step. Installed the bulb and nothing so I grabbed my multi-meter and was getting juice so for some reason i flipped the bulb around and boom. Confused me as to why this did the trick but hey it worked. Next was rear liscense plate lights. Take your time so as not to break the clips. I had to pull the bumper cover away slightly and work the assembly out. Getting these back in was a pain but pulling on the bumper cover again and taking my time i got them both back in. BE SURE TO CHECK OPERATION BEFORE PUTTING THEM BACK! And now the glove box. Followed the instructions and pulled the whole assembly out just enough to remove the screw holding the socket to the assembly. Easier than trying to pry out the socket with needle nose. Everything snapped back in just fine after completion. Using supplied instruction I spent maybe 30 minutes but this is my baby so I took my time so I didn't break anything.

  • Reluctant Reader - Don't be a fool. Read this book.

    I wish a book like this had been around 38 years ago when my marriage began. I plan on giving a copy to both my sons. I've always been completely mystified by the workings of my wife's heart, but her unpredictable, seemingly completely whimsical responses to me over the years are pretty well explained in this book, allowing me to finally exert some control over them. This book is the "enigma machine" for marriage, and a damn good investment.

  • MomMoore - Clean. Bright. Smooth. Love this Facial Cleanser.

    I have been using this Vitamin C face cleanser for several days now and have to share my love for this beauty product. I wash my face morning and night. Often, my face ends up dry from washing it twice a day, but if I do not wash it twice a day then my forehead becomes oily by the end of the day. I am definitely a combination skin type. Since I have been using this facial cleanser, my face is not dry or oily. Rather, my face feels very smooth after using the facial cleanser and remains smooth the entire day. I have also noticed that my skin complexion is brighter along with being more smooth. I typically use products for sensitive skin because I am prone to breakouts with products that use dyes or perfumes. This product is gentle on my skin and has caused no irritations. This facial cleanser also has a refreshing smell that is not overpowering and also has not caused any skin irritations. I was able to purchase this product at a discounted price. I am very pleased with how clean my skin feels after using it, the balance it is providing in that my face is not drying out and not oily by the end of the day, I have had no breakouts or irritations with using it since it is truly a mild and gently facial cleanser, and the brightness I have noticed in my complexion since using the cleanser is remarkable. I highly recommend giving this facial cleanser a try. I love nothing more than a good beauty product at a reasonable price.