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  • Jeff Cook - Best hose I've ever bought

    I've had many bad experiences with the quality of large box store garden hoses in the past. This hose has made me realize there is something better for a reasonable price. This hose is firm with high quality fittings. I have never had a problem with it kinking in the 4 months that I've owned it. The only downside is that it is a little firm and stiff, probably related to a heavier material in the construction of the hose. However, this is a good trade off against kinking from my perspective.

  • Joseph B. - Great fit for my 2009 Tacoma front mud guards - I would recommend these to a friend

    These front mud guards were delivered early. They fit my Toyota Tacoma 2009 good and were a bit shorter than the stock mud guards, and I think the shorter length is better. I lost my right side guard due to off road travel in the snow. I replaced both to match and all of the stock screws fit. For my year Tacoma there are three screws and three plastic circular clips. The screws were still intact; the clips were gone. I knocked off a 'star' for two reasons: I had to add the third hole (drill) for the middle clip; and the included hardware (three screws with metal clips) was not useful for the 2009 Tacoma. I went to a Toyota dealer and bought the plastic clips for about $1.20 each.

  • D. Baker - one of the most underrated debuts ever

    if there is ever an overlooked album this is definitely one of them. from the moment "Safe from Harm" starts we are encapsulated by this unique Bristol sound. what makes this Bristol sound so unique is the using of vintage sounds and putting them into such new settings. this album is definitely un-categorizable. we have soul/R&B, dub, hip-hop and even the hint of the Portishead like vintage soundtrack sound. this album is most certainly seed planting and both sides of the Atlantic have undoubtedly taken this to full advantage. never has an album had a "i know i've heard this somewhere" kind of attitude.

  • Annemarie B. Mcnamara - Fantastic

    This is one of the best products out there. I have had issues with sleeping, anxiety an irritability an stomach issues with the onset of menopause. Started taking this a week ago an started feeling better immediately. I have had vitamin deficiencies in the past but never realized how it impacted my life. Natural calm has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend it!

  • April Rain - Rip off!

    I was raised with the belief that if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. But I feel so duped, ripped off and disappointed that I just have to say something! My lashes have been falling out from wearing eye make up over the years. I tried Idol Lash because of the great online reviews and because it supposedly doesn't contain any chemicals. Well after 2 weeks my lashes started actually falling out! I didn't have many to begin with. I refuse to continue using it...what if ALL my lashes fall out? What a waste of my money.

  • Charles M. Romer - Acronis 2016 - Use at your peril!

    The worst version yet. Impossible interface. Non-responsive help. I have used Acronis since version 2009 and have had endless problems with it but it usually comes through. Now it seems to be completely impossible to use at all. In previous editions when the program "couldn't find" an archive (a common error on this product) you could browse for it and the program would add it to its known archives. Not any more.