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  • Myra Gail Moran - By Acure organic moroccan argon oil.

    I put the oil on my face before I put my make up on. It is wonderful. It makes my face feel and look more youthful. I am 68 years old and if the oil can make my face look more youthful everyone of all ages should use it. It is an oil but the skin just absorbs it and there is no greasy feel after you rub in into the skin. I love this oil and. I do recommend the ACURE brand. I did some research on line and this seems to be the best oil and does not cost as much as some of the other oils.

  • Annie - Arrived faster than I expected. Exactly what I ordered ...

    Arrived faster than I expected. Exactly what I ordered. Installed in a breeze! Will take some time to get used to the program ;)

  • R. Mason - Very Good basic tool, but some limitations

    For the most part, this is a very good tool. It does take some time to learn nuances, and it does have some limitations in this lower cost version. I am on Win 8 and it works fine.

  • G'sMom - So easy to use!

    This makes jogging with your BOB possible. It's so quick and easy to put on and take off because of the quick release. My daughter loves to sit in her stroller like a big girl so I'm constantly putting this piece on and taking it off. Love it. It's a bit expensive especially after paying $400+ for the stroller, that's why I only gave it 4 stars.

  • Jennie Hoop - Nice result !

    I found this at home depot, and thought it would be a nice middle ground between the navy Formica I have and the granite I want. I'm an impulse person, or I would have bought it from amazon, but I did come on and read the reviesw before I started. Good thing. I bought a 30' kit and have almost 30' of countertops, so I went back and got another kit. You do use way more base coat than you think. Layer it on good! I did my whole kitchen in two days with only a couple of places that I'm not happy with. They look tons better than they did and for $300 plus two days of "exercise" I'm very happy. I did watch the instructional video several times as I went along to make sure I was doing it right. I did remove the painters tape after the chips dried and then re- taped before I did the top coat, just because the chips coat was really thick and I didn't want to add to that. I only had the treatment peel up on one edge when I pulled off the final tape. Wish I could post photos. Really does look good! And I did it by myself!

  • Anthony - big mess

    Unfortunately, I purchased the download version of this product and it has been almost 5 hours and it is still not on my computer. I called intuit and I was on hold for more that 30 minutes until I finally just gave up. I would highly NOT recommend purchasing this. I did not know to schedule a full day for something that should be a simple download. When I have a bit more time today I will be calling whomever...to give them a piece of my mind. That is the other problem....Who do I call? Amazon? Intuit? Is this my computer problem? I keep getting NTWK_413 network error when I try to download. I can download other things just not this. what gives?