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  • VICTORIA MIDDLETON - Well written and descriptive

    Very happy with the book except the print seems to be in light gray instead of black ink. A bit hard to read unless you have bright light.

  • Debbie Brown - Everyone thinks he is just another dirty Jacobite when in reality he is the sole heir ...

    First book in a new series from Amy Jarecki the Fearless Highland (Highland Defender Book 1). The book captivated me from the very first page. Charlotte Hill is the daughter of an English government colonel who is the governor of Fort William trying to keep the Scottish under control. Charlotte often helps out in the infirmary at the Fort tending to both soldiers, and its prisoners. This is where she meet our hero Hugh M MacIain. Hugh has been imprisoned in the bowels of Fort William’s 'hell pit' for 18 months when he becomes serious ill ill from the “flux” he is taken to the infirmary. Everyone thinks he is just another dirty Jacobite when in reality he is the sole heir to one of the most notorious clan in the Highlands. If his identity was known they would not think twice about killing him, but a least live he has a chance of survival and escape to get back to his Clan. He wakes up to an angel, Charlotte who has been helping him, he does not trust and her gives a false name. The two are instantly attracted to each other and Charlotte eventually aides in his escape from the prison and the Fort William. After his escape Hugh realizes he is taken with her, he can’t stop thinking about Charlotte and wants to see her again. The land is in turmoil, Scottish turmoil, they are fighting to put the "real" Scottish King on the Scottish throne and whisk their freedom from English control. He is loyal Scottish highland defender to the Jacobite cause and she the daughter of a government English colonel. This an emotional and passionate love story with the two struggling to be together, to beat the odds against them. Charlotte and Hugh have a huge battle ahead of them to overcome several obstacles to find their HEA.

  • oneZANYgirl - Description should be better/clearer

    I have bought a Swiffer starter kit earlier and I have no issues with the product. However I feel that the description of the item is insufficient. This a a 2 in 1 starter kit. (even though it is priced higher than the 3 in 1 starter kit available on and sold by Amazon itself). I would have never ordered it if I knew this. Both these items are available for a dollar lesser (each) in costco (without any coupon).