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City: 20.7833 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary

  • Ellen W.Iwanski - I would recommend getting a brush and as always do "proper" prep

    I used this to re-set the fingerboard on Gretsch guitar. I would recommend getting a brush and as always do "proper" prep. Cheaper than hide glue pellets that require more equipment. I would give it a little bit longer set time. Perfect for repair without deep investment. As a for the results, there has been no tone change and holds up to regular wear.

  • Charles B Dickey - Not only is Xzilon not good, it's bad

    I am still trying to find a dealer to buy a new Honda from that does not participate in this scam. Not only is Xzilon not good, it's bad. Ask any auto detail-er. I wrecks the factory clear coat, makes bugs and sap stick like you wouldn't believe and prevents you from giving your car a nice wax job.

  • Jeffrey J. Johnson - Very nice

    Assembled this in an hour or so and took it for a spin. I was missing a seat clamp bolt but the local bike shop gave me one for free. I took this over to my brothers' place to adjust the gears. He used to be a bike mechanic and was very surprised at the quality vs price on this bike.

  • Laney - Great supplement for nursing moms

    I reorder this every month to help keep my milk supply up. It is wonderful. I have used it with both kids for nursing and I don't think this second time would be nearly as successful if I didn't use this. And it is about $1-2 cheaper on Amazon than at my local store so I order it on here. Its pricey but even cumulatively, still cheaper than formula!!

  • Kindle Customer - Have used for well over a year now!

    I only wash my hair 3x a week and use the OGX shampoo and conditioner when I do. This stuff is great! Not too strong of a coconut scent and keeps my hair looking moisturized but not greasy. Bottle lasts a long time too (even for my really long hair)- especially the conditioner because its so thick.

  • Thomas O - Exactly what I've been looking for!

    I've been a freedompop customer for about 3 months and it's changed my mobile life. I no longer pay $50+ per month for a cell phone plan. I use a combination of Google Voice and GrooveIP on a Google Nexus 4 to make free and unlimited phone calls. Most of the time I'm at work or home where I have wifi, but when I'm between the two or out and about, I use my Freedom Spot Photon. Besides the setup I have there is a wealth of other options, including Talkatone, CsipSimple, Viber, SipDroid, Androids built in internet calling, Skype, and probably a lot of others I don't even know about.

  • buckspy - Quite a bit of noise

    This was for our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the extra large sun roof. The noise these created, caused me to remove them. I tried adjusting them to hopefully reduce the noise, however I didn't have any luck. The function of these worked perfectly, used with a Yakima Skybox 21 traveling across the country. The noise may be more noticeable due to the sunny room, however will not be able to confirm until we order a replacement.