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    City: -123.1158 British Columbia, Canada

  • Cheryl - Will buy again for family

    I bought two of these and they both work great. Ive charged three divicrs at once without issue. I had also bought another brand for twice the cost and I actually like this one better. Plus it looks cute and has a digital screen for the power percentage.

  • Sandra K. Haas - Exactly what I was looking for.

    I am a professional wedding photographer with a lot of gear that I don't necessarily need to have with me the entire day... so I have been looking for a smaller, stylish bag to carry a few essentials to be used especially when doing on-location shoots during the time period between ceremonies & receptions. I've looked at several companies who make these types of stylish camera bags, however, they seem to be somewhat pricey (most begin at $200). So, I decided to purchase this insert and simply inserted it inside a lovely bag that I found at a local store. It seems very rugged, and I have no concerns about carrying my Canon 5D Mark III, a 70-200 lens, one additional smaller lens, a flash, Radio Poppers, and a few other miscellaneous items (such as batteries, film cards, lens brush, etc.). I'm glad I made this purchase.

  • Christy - The Real Deal

    This is the real deal and people that write the bad reviews are usually resellers for Young Living - and not verified buyers.

  • K. Oliver - No complaints

    How can you complain against the American Medical Association-it wouldn't help. The book is laid out so that coders can see the the color coding from a side view which is great.

  • Shaun - I have had mixed results with this product. I ...

    I have had mixed results with this product. I have used it twice, once it worked perfectly, the other time it did not. I don't necessarily think it was a failure of the product, but the leak was a result of a torn or broken seal. This stuff doesn't replace any parts of the seal, so if it's torn you will need a mechanic to replace it. But if the deal has dried and shrunk, you may have a chance. The case in which it worked for me was a Chevy s-10 where the leak was more of a ooze than a full on drip. The other case in which it failed was a Ford Ranger where it would lose a quarter of a quart each time you drove it. Be realistic in your expectations. If it pours out quicker than you can add fluid, this most likely won't work or will only slow the leak. If it's just a seeping seal,I'm confident it will dry it up.