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  • Mary A. Sanders - Great product

    This gets five stars from me because it is so exhaustive in its contents. The price on Amazon beats anywhere else I've found. If you are a budding author, this book is essential.

  • cmosco - Clarifying some confusion about this CD...

    This *is* the original concept album that you remember. Same recordings, same performances. It was not "patched together from various performances," as some have misunderstood.

  • CindyL28FL - I say "No" to "Yes"

    A cheap electric razor for not a cheap price. It has two heads, one for stubble and one for longer hair. When it comes out of the package the razor has the long hair head on it. When I tried to put the other head on it fell apart in my hand and I can't figure out how to put it back together. I have no idea what the light on it is for. I think it's to give the illusion that it's a laser or something? I would not purchase again. I wish I had the packaging so I could send it back.

  • Paul Migneault - It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy ...

    It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy to use. I can't seem to use it as a stand for my Fire tablet without propping the whole thing against a heavy object. I may try to laminate a piece of plastic or metal to the three segments of the cover to allow it to be a better back brace.

  • L. Owyang - If you use online banking, prepare to buy Quickbooks 2013, 2016, 2019, 2022, etc, etc, etc...

    If you want to use Quickbooks to download all of your banking statements and credit card transactions, then you should know that after 3 years whatever version you own will no longer have that function supported. You will be forced to upgrade after May of your expiration year unless you want to enter all your transactions by hand. Tricky, ain't it?