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  • R. J. Hughes - Great little lights!

    These little solar lights are great! I have two large dogs and a decently sized back yard that can be difficult to see in at night. I hated letting the dogs out before bed only to have them disappear into the darkness where I couldn't even see them. Since it was dark everywhere, one of them liked to go down the side of the house and doesn't like to come back right away when called. This meant I would sometimes have to tiptoe through the grass after him, to make sure a gate hadn't been left open or he had somehow gotten out another way. He never actually made it out but the anxiety wasn't worth it.

  • gsaye - Microwaving

    Microwave cooking may now be coming into its own,. Here it is made easy for the single person. This book fills a much-needed void.

  • Christian - just adds a lot awesome to your car

    I got tinted windows , black rims, but these lights are probably the biggest change , just adds a lot awesome to your car.

  • Randy - UAG Monarch: Good case with one annoying flaw

    This review is for the UAG Monarch Platinum for iPhone 7 Plus. I don't like how all these product reviews are lumped together. Anyway, the Monarch is a good case with excellent drop protection and a good feel in the hand. My 4 year old slapped my phone out of my hand and it landed screen-first on a tile floor. The phone (and case) were unscathed. The cutout for the mute switch is bigger on this model, which makes it easier to access. It has no holes in the back, unlike older generation cases. It looks fantastic on my silver iPhone.

  • David Garcia - Good software, great price, get it.

    This software bundle is for one user and a great price. I don't need a 4 user package or a cloud account myself. I read that you can change computers and reinstall it on another computer every 6 months, if you update computers that often that is. It is easy to download, installation is a process though, and the new changes to the software are a bit hard to grasp. I blame that on me not having a new office package since 2007 though. I bet with a class, I will learn all the tricks again in no time. Overall its a good software package.