Venoms to drugs | The pharmaceuticals of the future? - There is an large number of venomous organisms distributed among all major taxonomic phyla, with potentially more species to be discovered and described. Across many animal lineages, venom has evolved convergently, by were different/ unrelated species evolve the same/ similar trait for a specific function. The evolutionary diversity of venomous organisms has allowed for large variation of venom proteins and…

  • What are venoms? | Venoms to drugs - So, before we try to understand venoms and their effects, we need to know exactly what they are! - Venoms are a substance that contain toxic chemicals (usually protein/ peptide based but can be non-biological compounds) that are injected into a biological system via fangs, spines, claws etc. There is a wide misconception of the…
  • Current ‘venom’ drugs | Venoms to drugs - So after the previous section that allowed us to understand what venoms are and how they work, we can now see the drugs by which they have developed into. If venom affects biological processes then it stands to reason that they can also affect biological pathways altered by diseases. This is what scientists have realised,…
  • Drugs in development | Venoms to drugs - The previous section highlighted the current drugs that have been developed from venoms and toxins. This section brings about new and invigorating research that is currently being conducted and how new discoveries have the potential to cure diseases that, to date, have no known cure or drugs treatment. *Please note the posts are not in…

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  • Big Daddy C - Beat, but readable

    A little rough around the edges in terms of being beat, but for the price, I can read it without any issues.

  • KrisRandolph - I like this stroller

    I like this stroller. But it makes me miss by jog stroller. And If I had to make a fresh purchase today--I would have option for a different upperbaby that has more maneuverability.

  • Donald J. Colgan - History made easy

    I never have been able to follow history books. This historical novel was informative, I could follow the story line and keep track of the characters. I love history written this way.

  • heather - amazing book

    I have read all of CD Reiss’s books, so when this book was coming out it was no surprise that I had to read it. It has two parts, and the second one will come out in January. So be prepared for a cliffhanger.

  • david p hebert - easy and quick set up and gives me great security ...

    with cellular capability this unit allows you to check temperature and humidity from anywhere and with 3 choices for emergency contacts someone is bound to be able to contact you in case of an emergency. soon if people need it this unit will have a water puk which will be able to detect water in parts of your home....easy and quick set up and gives me great security knowing I have this kind of protection.

  • dmeister - Pointless changes, no real advantages to me as a user

    As with every new release of their products, Microsoft changes the user interfaces for the sake of change.