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  • Haden - Great for damp spaces!

    These have worked wonders in our damp basement! We were not quite ready to purchase a dehumidifier until we could figure out the cause of dampness in our home basement. A couple of these buckets did the trick for a temporary moisture eliminating solution!

  • Mitpig015 - Son has FPIES

    Tough to find a formula that works for a child that has FPIES but this one does. It really does stink, doesn't taste all that good either but my son, now after a couple of tries, sucks it down, but only the liquid formula. He does however spit up a lot more than he ever did but he was only BF until about 7 months.

  • Jeremy Osguthorpe - My childhood was taken away from me.

    I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I loved the originals and grew up watching the cartoon and had the action figures. At one point as a little kid I said I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I grew up, Admittedly I was hoping to relive my childhood all over again and had lofty expectations when I heard of a new movie. But then I saw the preview and was skeptical. "The power of pain compels you?" Really? And then against my better judgement I broke down and rented it. A let down on so many levels. The humor wasn't funny and was either just awkward or what you would expect on a B-side movie, the characters were all forgettable with no real on screen chemistry, a rehash of the same plot as the original, etc. Just don't even waste your time.

  • Kim Norman - Traveling twice this year

    Great for looking up the different areas where we were traveling. Great descriptions of areas and suggestions for our time there.

  • Yvonne - very disappointing, returned it

    Not at all what I wanted. It didn't allow for input from me into checking account, just pick up from bank -- which doesn't allow for knowing what you have in bank -- or how you want the money you've spent distributed across accounts. I returned it. I'm still looking for a resource that will do what I want it to.

  • K Tysinger - It is a fun program but I do not recommend it for learning ...

    It is a fun program but I do not recommend it for learning the guitar. It seem like more of a game than an educational tool. The song selection is extremely limited so you may be disappointed if you are simply wanting to learn popular songs.