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    Freedom POP is a scam. Hidden charges, poor coverage and support that doesn't care. Wish I would have listened to other reviewers and steered clear of this company.

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    I actually purchased this product to help me remember my dreams better, and it definitely works for that purpose. My dreams seemed incredibly long, and I was able to achieve my first lucid dream when I took this in combination with galantamine. The only side effect I experienced was a headache when I woke up, similar to the way you might feel when you sleep in way too long. Also, I seemed to wake up earlier than usual, thus getting less actual sleep. I recommend taking a few days off between each time you take it if you are using it for dreams.

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    I read an article online that this was one of the best sunless tanners, so I had to give it a try. I usually use a department store self tanner (Lancôme) and so I was quite hesitant to try this. The smell is actually nice! I cant stand tanners that have that funky scent, because you end up smelling it all day. This scent is very subtle, but its nice. It goes one smooth too. I do not wear gloves when I apply it, I just wash my hands very well afterwards. I have only used it on my legs, and I really like the color it gives. I am fair skinned, blonde, and the first application didn't give as much color as I wanted. So I reapplied the next day, and a few days after that. It really does build up a nice colored fake tan.

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    This is a great pillow. Very soft and comfortable. It maintains it's shape while also being very flexible. The fabric is very soft and feels cool. I would highly recommend this pillow.

  • Jarrett - Light works fine but you will need to buy a separate wire ...

    Light works fine but you will need to buy a separate wire to connect the light to the factory harness on the firewall.