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  • J. Fischer - Dissapointing

    I expected this to have the recepies that normal people eat, like Norway Roof Rat, robin, cardinal, and other backyard birds,or even kittens and puppies but I was disapointed because it was about things that rich people buy at the store like cow meat and chickens.

  • Terrylyn8464 - Malcolm Nance spelled out this election season perfectly with how ...

    Malcolm Nance spelled out this election season perfectly with how Russia has tried to undermine our American Democracy by going after our political process. Hack after hack, leak after leak against the Democratic party in all attempts to undermine Hillary Clinton from becoming president and electing Donald Trump instead. They are fighting with what appears to be in league with the GOP nominee to spread lies, leaked emails, and now putting out leaked emails that appear to be false, edited, and riddled with black propaganda. The closer we get to election day, the more hacked emails are being dropped and the more false information is appearing in order to spread havoc, fear, mistrust, and chaos against the DEM nominee. I pray we get through this, but this election will go down in the history books as the most dangerous election in history, with the Kremlin in Trumps back pocket.

  • Amazon Customer - A lot of valuable information.

    We ended up going to an attorney, this program showed us how complicated making a will can become. Worth the money just for that lesson.

  • OddNumber - Good value for the price, but the quality did not meet expectations

    I recently bought the Sole E25 based on good reviews and after trying it out a local fitness store. Other ellipticals at the same price did not have as smooth of motion or as sturdy of a frame. Although sturdier than other machines in local stores, the neck of the machine is not as solid as those found in your local gym. If you have balance issues then you may consider a higher quality machine, but most people will not be bothered.

  • keerthivasan Natarajan - books

    Hey friends i love to read also like to red bookas na evn i love very much...thank u have a nice day...i have 77 books....