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  • Lizzy Voss - Perfect Christmas Gift

    I have bee purchasing the annual Swarovski ornament for a long time and I love each and every one of them. The sparkle, clarity and cut are the quality that we've all come to expect from Swarovski. Beautiful addition to the collection

  • Carly Batte' - It's hard to tell if it worked...

    I started taking this product to get rid of a bloated stomach. I took alot of aspirin the worst time I could (while drinking alcohol), so after reading some reviews, I thought this might help. I noticed some difference, but I also started working out at the same time and changing my habits some, so I don't really know if this worked or not. I had no side effects from it, only my stomach would make some weird noises out of nowhere without me being hungry or gassy. No strange bowel movements either. I would definitely try this product again, it did make me feel good.

  • Kathy in Claude, Tx. - Best out there

    This is the second Gazelle I have purchased. I had to sell the first one when I moved cross country years ago. It was so very good I bought a second one. How many pieces of exercise equipment is good enough to buy twice? That should speak volumes.

  • William L. Cotter - Great!

    Well written with very detailed illustrations. I have collected all of these from 1998 to 2011-2012. Perfect for the F1 fan!

  • PersimmonX - Great product!

    I recieve chemotherapy every six months and this product has helped greatly - it really does fill in the gaps and it's not noticeable. It does not get on clothing and it will last until I wash my hair - it has even stayed on during swimming with no streaks rolling down my face. I'd recommend this to anyone who either just wants fuller hair or to cover areas where the scalp may be more visible. It tends to thicken up existing hair - really a nice product... it does boost my mood when I feel that I'm looking better :)

  • Austin Peters - Great look and feel, but you need to create an account to tweak colors and stuff.

    The box the keyboard comes in is almost as nice as the keyboard itself. Shiny metallic embossed text, a view window to show off the arrow keys, and a list of all the important stuff on the back. A few noteworthy ones worth mentioning on the MX Green keys:

  • Amy Kincaid - great buy

    This cord is a great cord. It works just fine with my charger and phone. My old cord was getting worn out so I needed a replacement. I usually go with the brand name of the phone but I decided I'd give this a try. I got this cord and a cord for my daughters phone. Both have worked well. Our phones charge just as fast as usual. They appear sturdy and look like they will stand up to the rough use our cords tend to get. My phone is an Galaxy S5 and her phone is an Iphone 5C. we also tried them out on our IPAD and Android tablet. They worked well for those as well. I mentioning both cords in each review as they are identical except for the plugs. I think the line of cords from this manufacturer will all perform the same. I wanted to mention both just in case you are reading this review and also need the other type of cord. I am very happy with both.