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  • TomLin - Terrible software

    this is the worst program i have used to back up. since the upgrade to 2016 i can no longer sync between folders from my USB and the PC it is connected to. the user interface offers no help, is difficult to use and is not user friendly. Acronis pushes you to subscribe to their cloud service which makes the software not fully functional if you don't. I'll never buy from them again. Not recommended, stay as far away as possible. seek a different software.

  • amanda - love this organizer!!

    Just received this and I absolutely love it!!!! The coloring pages are great and the paper is thick enough you can use papermate pens and it doesn't bleed threw at all!! I have found the organizer I will buy yearly! You woint be disappointed in this product at all, well worth the money

  • Ms. Le Chat - Excellent!

    High quality, easy to chew, not gritty or chalky, nice subtle flavor, not too sweet. My husband and I take one of these twice a week for our B12 - we are both over 50, so need a good source of easily assimilated B12, and I am a vegan, which means I also would need to supplement even if I were under 50. 1,000 mg/week of this form of B12 is more than adequate, according to top nutritionists and specialists in vegan and over-50 nutritional requirements. We don't take any other supplement, as research indicates nutritional supplements are simply unnecessary and potentially damaging. We eat a well-rounded, mostly plant-based (husband) diet.

  • Brandon R. - thought it would be a fake but came in perfect condition, doesnt have arm patches like in the ...

    thought it would be a fake but came in perfect condition, doesnt have arm patches like in the photo but cant complain with the quality.

  • Huy P. - so i wrote a bad comment on here

    I had some troubles at the first time turn it on, so i wrote a bad comment on here . But, after i firgued out the way to fix, this machine has worked fantastically!!! And i bought it just with 425$ WOW

  • Amazon Customer - I love this stroller

    We bought this stroller last year before we traveled to Colombia, SA to adopt our 5 month old son. I liked the idea of being able to fold it with one hand and that it is pretty light weight. We were in Colombia for 2 months and used it in the city and on rough terrain. This stroller rides very smoothly, I can usually push with just one hand while holding an umbrella in the other. The seat can be reclined all the day way down so it is comfortable for the baby to take a nap. The stroller was also very easy to put together. We have had this stroller for almost 9 months now, and it still rides and looks brand new...Except for the wheels...We have put many many miles on them. It has been thrown around in airports and still has held up perfectly. We love it. It was well worth the money. I Think this will be the only stroller we will ever have to get.