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Sistem Informasi Akademik Kampus GRATIS! | SIAKAD ONLINE - Siakad Online (Sistem Informasi Akademik - Online) adalah suatu sistem informasi akademik yang dibangun untuk memberikan kemudahan kepada pengguna dalam kegiatan administrasi akademik kampus secara online, seperti proses Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru (PMB), pembuatan kurrikulum, pembuatan jadwal kuliah, pengisian Kartu Rencana Studi (KRS), pengisian nilai, pengelolaan data dosen & mahasiswa.

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  • Rhonda L. Currie - This is the one!

    I've tried other Hair, Skin and Nails products but this is the only one with all important ingredients combined. The big plus is that I've noticed the difference in my hair and nails!

  • Marcy Peel - Rustoleum Restore used on exterior steps

    We were very disappointed with this product. We followed the instructions and applied it to our new exterior steps. We had built the steps using treated lumber and let the steps dry and cure for 1.5 years before we applied this product. We carefully cleaned the steps and they were bone dry when we applied the product. It did not rain and they looked beautiful. We were very happy until we saw them this spring. We live in a moderately cold winter climate and not happy when we notice the cracks and then the chips. Luckily we were able to remove it easily as the pressure washer basically just washed it off. Do not buy this product, it was a costly mistake for us.

  • Nicholas Clark - Works great for home use

    I've used this UPS for about two months now and I bought it for two reasons. First was that my apartment was having micro power outages of about 5 secs at least once a week and the second reason was that my hard drives in my home server were going out because of sudden shutdowns. Since I bought this UPS I haven't had to worry about it. As long as my server is not under load it can run my router, modem and sever for up to 40mins. I setup the software to start a safe shutdown after 5mins and ran a few tests and it seems to work exactly as advertised. Also the USBs on the front are extremely helpful. They provide a full 2.1 amps so I use it anytime I need to charge my phone in a hurry and if I ever have an extended power outage I'll really love the fact that they can run off the battery.

  • Surfsnowgirl - Excellent ski!!!!

    I love these skis. I demoed them last season and unfortunately didn't get enough time on them so I ended up buying another pair of skis. I did like the ones I bought however, I was never able to get these out of my head. When the last seasons model dropped enough to really catch my eye I had to buy them. I skied on them yesterday and wow. These are amazing skis and I honestly feel that after 6 hours on them I should have bought them to begin with. Not sure what I will do with my other pair of skis cause I will be riding these for the rest of the season. I am an intermediate skier and these are the skis that will make me an advanced skier. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver and turn on a dime. After just a few hours on these yesterday I found myself with increased speed and much better form. I took another lesson yesterday just to break any bad habits and gain a few tips and both instructors looked at my skis and said they were excellent skis. Outside of the fact that the graphics are cool, these skis are simply awesome. I received them quickly and had a local ski shop mount the bindings for me. I guess these are an intermediate to advanced skier. I guess it depends on ones skill level but these skis are designed to turn easily and for someone who wants to increase their game so with that these are the skis for me. Highly recommend.

  • Boudin - Took awhile to work but it DOES

    I have a 2001 Acura Integra with slow leak out the front main seal, and a camshaft seal. At first ( after the suggested 5 hrs ) it did nothing to slow down or stop the leak. But after a few days, checking morning and evening for the leak, it finally stopped. I'm completely amazed that such a product exists AND works. Will be using at oil changes until it's time to fix the leak for good.

  • Andrea A. - Average

    As other reviews stated, the item arrived loose in a shipping box, no packaging, instruction manuals, etc. At first it seemed like a nifty little gadget, but after about two weeks' use, it started squeaking in the middle and it looks like the ball is coming apart. The rubber is also really slippery, so it doesn't stay between my thighs unless I hold it there with my hands. I gave it three stars because it still works the thighs, you just have to manipulate it a little to get it where it needs to be.