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  • Shopping Now - Unreliable, customer service OK, but still an AMAZING deal

    It does not have reliable reception in my area. They always try to trick you into paying small fees for extra things that you don't really need. Customer service cannot always respond to you very quickly. Once I was without service for 4 days randomly with no explanation. They are a new company and have plenty of growing pains.

  • Amazon Customer - It's MAGIC

    Although I've been using it for less than a month, I can actually see the results! I've been taking only one tablet for the past 5 days because I had an upset stomach but not sure it has anything to do with the hair vitamins, just as a precaution though.

  • John Patriot - Overpriced hogwash, labelled "Hope"

    Used this product after seeing an infomercial and ordering on a late night where I was kept up from severe back pain. The spokesman/creator promised a lot, but after using for a month, I still had the same pain in my lower back.

  • Puproar - My first review because I love this product so much

    I have been so frustrated trying to find an all natural, animal friendly shampoo that actually suds up. THIS IS IT.

  • James L. Grubb - A fine work - makes a case for rethinking organizing workers

    If you are involved in any human endeavor where people work together to accomplish goals, this best-seller is worth your time. Recall, Jim Collins co-authored a previous best-seller, Built to Last, on why some businesses lose and why some win big. This new 5-year study examines how good companies become great companies, but the findings easily apply to schools, churches, political groups, etc. The book examines old "success" clichés and reveals fresh insights on what constitutes resultful leadership. It explodes many popular management cult myths and gets to the human elements that build a successful organization.

  • Oneofthree - These guys use high pressure sales tactics that left me ...

    These guys use high pressure sales tactics that left me feeling conned and angry. I can't believe I fell for it! Also, doesn't seem to work at all. Does absolutely nothing except leave my skin feeling greasy.