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- What is Nootropics? - Nootropics, also known as the smart drug, are cognitive enhancers. They can boost memory and help to increase focus and attention.

  • http://whatisnootropics.com/nuvigil-review-2013/ Nuvigil Review 2013 - What is Nootropics? - Nuvigil Review, August 7, 2013. People take Nuvigil to become more alert and to function better in their jobs, responsibilities, and personal lives.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/alpha-brain-review/ Alpha Brain Review - What is Nootropics? - We learned while researching for Alpha Brain Review that host Joe Rogan has deemed Alpha Brain to be the best nootropic stack or smart drugs safely created.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/cognitive-enhancement/ Cognitive Enhancement and Improving Memory - What is Nootropics? - Eating and not eating certain foods can also be an effective way to improving memory and cognitive enhancement.Another way is through medications.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/improve-brain-function/ Improve Brain Function with Drugs, Food, and Vitamins - What is Nootropics? - There are many herbs, vitamins, foods, and drugs on the market that are known to improve brain function.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/who-uses-smart-drugs/ Who Uses Smart Drugs? - What is Nootropics? - “Smart drugs” is a term for nootropics, or cognitive enhancers. These smart drugs are used to help improve memory, learning, concentration, problem solving, learning, decision making and planning.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/where-to-get-the-best-nootropics/ Where to Get the Best Nootropics? - What is Nootropics? - Some of the best nootropics are found naturally. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and poultry are natural nootropics.
  • http://whatisnootropics.com/college-students-and-the-smart-drug-epidemic/ College Students and The "Smart Drug" Epidemic - What is Nootropics? - College students have found a new way to study that is much more effective than the library. However, it's also illegal and dangerous, and is an issue that has raised much concern in recent years

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  • Amazon Customer - it works well with my skin because I easily break out so this was actually perfect for me

    After receiving my Luminess..I wasn't sure if it was for me..after practice & help from customer service I got it down..the makeup really covers my imperfections & gives me that smooth finish..giving me full coverage without the use of too much makeup..it works well with my skin because I easily break out so this was actually perfect for me..not only does the foundation do me justice I absolutely love love love the bronzer..giving me that glowing finish that I love!!

  • SD 23 - Disappointed in this product

    Disappointed in this product. I am currently tring to reinstall all software manually...it coms with TVMC but none of the addons work properly really poor programming....

  • A. Koebel - Best sound on the planet, but PLEASE be careful. A warning.

    These speaker cables will bring new life to your audio system - LITERALLY. Please, if you insist on using these cables make sure no components in the same system have internet access. I found out the hard way that equipping your system with these cables actually modifies the circuits and microchips in your other equipment. What do I mean by modifying? I mean by creating computational power that rivals the world's best multi-million dollar supercomputers. Using the super rare elements in the K2 terminated speaker cables, it continues to build these new circuits and processors to the point where it achieved sentience.

  • S. Oliver - Scott Pratt does it again

    Another winner from Scott Pratt, I enjoy the Joe Dillard books more but this was a good story and kept me interested all the way through. The prison details could've been shortened a bit but it wasn't a huge take away which is why I didn't deduct a star.

  • GlennVA - Blue Devil rear main sealer Try before going through a rear main seal replacement

    I could not possibly belive that this product would work. A rear main job on my Volvo was quoted $2,500.00. I risked a few bucks to purchase this product and there is NO MORE OIL drips. This product is amazing.

  • goblue - Go get this today!

    Wow, after reading a few of the negative reviews, I expected this to be a flimsy piece of garbage. In reality, it's a dream come true. Our 2.5 year old, after the first night, picked this up right away and is now waking up at 7 instead of 6. Mom gets to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet before she has to get the kids off to school. We've had this for three days and every morning he wakes up right at 7 and says, "It's green!"

  • Amazon Customer - I thought this item was cool & also did not like my oem antenna hitting ...

    I thought this item was cool & also did not like my oem antenna hitting branches. I live 10 minutes from downtown major city. Was very overcast n ready to storm. My radio was static. Might as well not even had a antenna at all! Stick with the one you have because this item is a total piece of junk!