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Wok to Walk: Custom made healthy, fast food. Vegan and vegetarian options. Delicious Asian dishes at a very affordable price! - Make your own Asian recipe and we cook it your way with the freshest ingredients. Find the nearest restaurant, check our menu and nutrition calculator here.

  • http://woktowalk.com/meet/ Wok to Walk: how does Wok to Walk work? - You create the recipe (base, fresh ingredients and sauce) and we bless it with fire. Everything happens on the spot, in front of you. Everything is your way
  • http://woktowalk.com/asian-food-inspired-in-the-streets-of-the-far-east/ Asian food inspired by the streets of the Far East - WOKTOWALK.COM - Ours is a story of adventure and exotic flavors. Some years ago, we were on journey in South East Asia, indulging a severe case of wanderlust. Along the wa
  • http://woktowalk.com/custom-made-fast-healthy-food/ Wok to Walk: Custom made healthy, fast food - Wok to Walk is as simple as a 3-step-menu. Everything is fresh from the market and we cook it on the spot. You decide what to eat and how much to spend.
  • http://woktowalk.com/our-wok-cooking-is-based-on-3-main-values/ Our wok-cooking is based on 3 main values: - WOKTOWALK.COM -   FLEXIBILITY You Wok Your Way. Literally. Whatever your needs, whatever your inspiration. Seriously, you could eat a wok every day for a year and nev
  • http://woktowalk.com/eat/ YAY! Good & affordable food is possible! - WOKTOWALK.COM - At Wok to Walk, YOU are the chef. Follow our 3-step-menu to design your wok, we'll stir-fry it on the spot. It's your fast and healthy food fix, to eat in
  • http://woktowalk.com/our-menu/ Wok to Walk: check our menu - Check our 3 step menu to see the delicious ingredients & sauces you can mix up in the most delicious wok. Fast, easy and yummy!
  • http://woktowalk.com/asian-cuisine-with-the-best-ingredients/ Asian cuisine with the best ingredients - WOKTOWALK.COM - Fast food for foodies We are very picky. We know you are too. We buy the freshest, most wholesome ingredients and display them, so that you see how good wh
  • http://woktowalk.com/its-not-the-wok-its-the-fire/ It's not the wok, it's the fire - WOKTOWALK.COM - We've improved Far East's street-cooks' stir-frying technique to develop our own. We wok ingredients on such an intense fire it becomes a show. We're not a
  • http://woktowalk.com/nutrition-calculator/ Nutrition Calculator - Wok to Walk - Do you want to know the nutritional facts of your favourite recipes? Are you looking for the healthiest or most suitable wok for your diet? All of the answ
  • http://woktowalk.com/find-your-wok-to-walk/ Find your Wok to Walk - WOKTOWALK.COM - Our restaurant locator finds the closest restaurant to you, so that you can eat something delicious anytime, anywhere. You can also check the opening hours
  • http://woktowalk.com/catering-new-york/ THE HOTTEST CATERING IN NEW YORK! - WOKTOWALK.COM - THE HOTTEST CATERING IN NEW YORK! Looking for a new catering experience? You’re in the right place: we fire up all sorts of events. What makes Wok to Walk
  • http://woktowalk.com/blog-and-news/ Wok to Walk's official blog: recipes, news and lots of fire! - In our blog you'll find recipes & tips to wok your way no matter what your diet is, plus crazy ideas and cool things happening in our restaurants. Wokome!
  • http://woktowalk.com/contact-wok-to-walk/ Contact Wok to Walk - WOKTOWALK.COM - This is the easiest way to contact Wok to Walk. Write down your suggestion or question, and we will soon get back to you. If you are looking for franchise
  • http://woktowalk.com/people-say/ People say... - WOKTOWALK.COM - What do travellers and locals think about our restaurants around the world? What kind of reviews do we get on Trip Advisor? Do our woks look good on Instag
  • http://woktowalk.com/hot-from-the-wok/ News about the company and our restaurants - Want to know where our next restaurant will open or the latest news from Wok to Walk? We've got you covered, everything is compiled in Hot From the Wok!
  • http://woktowalk.com/hot-from-the-streets/ Wok to Walk in travel guides and press: read experts' opinions - Gastronomic critics, journalists & bloggers recommend our restaurants all over the world. We compiled their opinions and recommendations here, check it out!
  • http://woktowalk.com/franchise/ Wok to Walk Franchise Opportunities - Interested in opening a Wok to Walk Restaurant? Our franchise is that rare opportunity to join a success story still in the making. Boost your investment!
  • http://woktowalk.com/franchise-requirements/ Wok to Walk Restaurant Franchise Requirements - Wok to Walk could be the franchise opportunity you've been waiting for. Learn about our success story, check requirements and apply for the franchise here.
  • http://woktowalk.com/franchise-application/ Wok to Walk Restaurant Franchise Application - Do you wish to apply for a Wok to Walk restaurant franchise? Fill our application form out and our team will contact you.
  • http://woktowalk.com/wokaholics/ Wokaholics - WOKTOWALK.COM - If you love Asian food, this is your reward programme. Every wok counts! Your local restaurant has a Wokaholics programme, ask for further information on y
  • http://woktowalk.com/work-with-us-uk/ WO(R)K WITH US - WOKTOWALK.COM - Bristol Cardiff Leeds Liverpool London Manchester BRISTOL Hi there! We’re glad to hear you’d like to join our fiery team… Unfortunately, we do not have ava
  • http://woktowalk.com/pt-br/ Wok to Walk: A primeira cadeia de restaurantes que não funciona como uma cadeia de restaurantes - WOKTOWALK.COM - Nós cozinhamos o teu wok em frente aos teus olhos. E fazemo-lo à tua maneira, porque tu és o chef!

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  • Melstamps - Feel-Good Holiday Read

    Every Christmas I have a few books and movies that I revisit just because I love them, they make me happy, and I love the Christmas season. Some are deeper than others, but more often, these books and movies are lightweight, frequently romantic, funny and/or tender, and they always take place during the Christmas season.  Debbie Macomber’s, The Twelve Days of Christmas, has now joined my personal list of Christmas “must read” books. It has a novel premise—what happens when one person, metaphorically speaking, kills another, grumpier person with kindness.  Julia Padden and Cain Maddox are neighbors who frequently run into each other in the morning as they catch the elevator. Julia is sunny, talkative and Cain is surly and quiet. He would prefer if she left him alone. He is rude and surly, one day even swiping her newspaper to replace the one that someone else had stolen from him. Julia is aghast. Later Julia complains to her friend about it and her friend suggests killing him with kindness. Julia accepts the challenge, and writes about it in a blog that she is writing in an effort to procure a job at a software company doing social media. What follows are Julia’s efforts, the consequences, and includes her daily blogs. Along the way, we get to know Cain’s grandfather, Bernie, who brings sage wisdom and added warmth to the story.