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Foods Causing Depressions and Sleeplessness - Through receptors in the brain, too much protein or too little cholesterol, -fat or -sugars causes, and vegetables and grains can cause depressions and/or sleeplessness.

  • http://www.13.waisays.com/cholesterol.htm Scandalous Lies About Cholesterol - Cholesterol is absolutely not unhealthy, but essential. Due to the influence of heat however, cholesterol oxidizes. These oxy-cholesterols cause vascular diseases and cancer. Cholesterol does not.
  • http://www.13.waisays.com/zombie.htm Zombie-food - Wheat- and dairy products contain physical addictive opioid peptides influencing endorphin receptors in the brain, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness, like beta-carbolines in prepared food do.

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  • Roland Deschain - Worth Every Dollar

    What a great treadmill. I purchased this direct from Sole to replace a Proform 985 that I had for five or six years. For the past two years I had trouble with the Proform belt. Finally one of the rollers broke and I was forced to replace it.

  • Paul - Good for young ones.

    My 4 and 6 year old boys love this game. The new "ice" and "fire" rules are a little confusing for young ones, but they love the game and have developed several house rules they play with.

  • RedGale - It made my hair look worse.

    I have wavy/curly hair that gets frizzy and dry, so I wanted to try a leave-in conditioner. I was excited to try this product since it claimed to have so many benefits, but it leaves my hair heavy and dirty feeling. I doesn't feel any less frizzy or dry; instead, I think it looks more dull and unhealthy. The scent is okay, but it reminds me of a cheap hairspray scent, so nothing special there. All in all, I hate this product.

  • DJ-Ajavon - Recommended to me by an Ethiopian Woman...

    After admiring the natural hairstyle of an Ethiopian Woman at school, I finally asked her about her hair... She recommended the product, but was clear on the instructions as well... She said to use just a small amount, right after saturating the hair fully... Be careful not to shake or dry the hair prior to application... She referred to it as hair snot... After using it, I see why... My hair a 4c curled right up... As it dried, I was left with a beautiful TWA... She instructed me to use my fingers to create any style, add leave-in conditioner for a shine or a finish mist spritz later in the day to avoid environmental drying... I Love this stuff!!!

  • Rm Electric - Comfy

    Nice boots and super comfortable . Just changed from more expensive Ecco work boot and these are really nice and fit better overall.

  • Michael Gerard - I think it left me worse off

    to be honest. when I started taking this product I noticed much more shedding and thinning of the hair on my scalp than before using the product. Oddly enough 180% from my expectations I feel as though my hair has thickened since I ceased using this product.