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    I have been an office fan since the beginning. NO MORE! Microsoft has just made a draconian change to its office licensing scheme.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome product with all natural, organic ingredients. Give it a try!

    I was really excited to try this product, as I've switched to more natural products over the past few years and have been trying to find a natural toothpaste and tooth whitener that does the job. I have tried several market brands and have been disappointed in each one thus far. They just don't leave your mouth feeling clean! Most recently, I have been using a simple homemade toothpaste of coconut oil and baking soda, and my attempts to use activated charcoal made quite a mess.

  • nocos - It is fast, but does it really protect as well as the manufacturer claims?

    With Webroot, the average user is faced with one decision: whether to believe the praise and claims of the folks behind the program, or whether not to believe them. I remain a skeptic after using the program on two different machines for about 8-9 months. Webroot operates differently from conventional antivirus programs and, as a result, it usually fails most protection tests because it allows a significant number of threats to enter a system (due to the fact that it has no extensive database of malware signatures and is dedicated to using a cloud instead). Webroot claims that the program supposedly monitors what the "nasties" do and blocks them once they start getting "nasty." A number of users might be, and should be, concerned if allowing malware to enter the system is seen as the right approach. The number of those growing skeptical should be greater once we notice how half of the time, the Webroot folks who read the reviews of their product, post answers that begin with a bragging claim of how "awesome" their product is and what "awesomeness" it adds to our browsing experience. To be honest, I care little about "awesome." I want "safe" and "secure." What the word "awesome" conceals, HOWEVER, is the fact that so far, Webroot can reclaim only one bragging right: an awesome scanning speed and lack of impact on system resources. Are you really protected by this quick and light program, though?

  • Stay-at-Home Mom - Wives - You want that giddy feeling you used to have for your hubby? Buy this book for your husbands!

    Coming from a woman's perspective, this book hit RIGHT ON with the problems I was having being attracted to my husband. It actually tells men how to make their wives want them. It's written by a man, for men, and I appreciated that because the author gave examples with his own relationship with his wife on his daily interactions that work to help her lust after him. It made it much more concrete and real-life to us as the readers.

  • Frank Schulwolf - The right golf ball

    Three years ago a Bridgestone fitting team came to my club. I took the opportunity to try their products and was pleasantly surprised. After measuring my swing speed at right on 105mph the technician recommended the B330 RX.

  • Amazon Customer - Should ask for a refund but im not petty

    S*** didn't work at all... I stopped using 2 months prior to applying for the job, followed the instructions carefully and STILL failed.... DO NOT BUY