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  • E.L. - Surprisingly this works great to wash windows before drying with Norwex window polishing ...

    Surprisingly this works great to wash windows before drying with Norwex window polishing cloth. Windows were streak free. I did wash cloths with recommended phosphate free detergent when rinsing wasn't getting them clean enough.

  • J. B. - Good volume but itchy..

    I think this is making my hair thicker volume wise but I'm still losing hair quite a bit and it also seems to aggravate my very mild psoriasis...like the volume but wouldn't mind losing the itchy skin.

  • That One Customer - Strong Stuff

    This stuff is strong, like really strong. I use it to combat athlete's foot every occasionally and it works. I use it when in the shower and rub it on my feet for a minute or two before rinsing it off. I typically use the FungaSoap at the beginning of the shower because it has a very strong smell and I want to give it enough time for the smell to disappear. Whenever athlete's foot pops up I use PediFix for a week or so and it is typically gone after 4-5 days but I continue using for 7-10 days total.

  • Betty A. - Great product!

    I wouldn't be without this. This is essential for me to help manage my allergies. Not as fast acting as typical drug store allergy medications, but, there are no side effects for me (dry mouth, light headed). It may take a couple of days to feel effect, but, you actually feel better.

  • Militarywifeandmommy - My insides are hurting so bad!

    Okay, I have been taking this stuff for a week now. Since day two, I have had the runs like crazy. I can't stay out of the house too long because of it. I though "Okay, maybe my body is just riding itself of all the crap (no pun intended) stuck inside me". Still...a week later and having this issue so I am quitting it. My insides hurt so bad. It feels like what you would feel when you get that horrible 24 hour stomach bug. No vomiting though. I read and re read the instructions carefully and did everything I was told. I even exercised with on this even though I had to keep running to the bathroom. This stuff is so horrible!!!

  • Solanacea - no complaints...

    automatically updating rosters. I had not played fifa 14. Compared to fifa 13, slower perhaps little more realistic gameplay.