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  • Aisha Blackwell - Help for melasma!

    Learned of this oil from a beauty blogger. Her testimony compelled me to order this because of my recent development of melasma. I have tried prescription creams, skin brighteners, complexion correctors... all to no satisfaction. Since using this oil, both at night and in the morning, I have noticed a noticeable lightening of the splotches on my cheeks, eyebrows, and upper lip. On my cheeks in particular, the splotches have begun to break up literally! The appearance looking more like freckles now! I'm so happy and am beginning to see my pre-melasma complexion return to me!

  • ChristmasShopper - Not the same formula as years ago.

    I've been using this on my kids mostly as a shampoo not a body wash. I first used it about 4 years ago when my first son was born. I remember the formula being much "thicker". My first bottle lasted me 2 years!! When I went back to buy it again, it seemed like it changed to a "thinner" formulation and it didn't last nearly as long. I still love the light scent and it doesn't irritate my kids eyes or skin. Just taking off one star because the formula changed. Still a great product.

  • University Doc - Starts out great then slows down, but entertaining anyway....

    I looked forward to seeing this film before it was released on DVD. When it begins you wonder where it is going, but once the action starts that is when the film really begins. It starts off with a bang at that time, then, unfortunately slows down, but it is entertaining just the same. The best reason to enjoy it, and also to be afraid of it is that it can happen. Enjoyable. If you're into disaster films, you'll enjoy this one. Either way, it is worth a look. The special effects are mesmerizing to see, especially when you see an aircraft carrier wash shore.

  • M Haley - Disappointed

    I purchased a Waterpik Ultra in November of 2007. In as little as two months of use the handle is leaking and does not allow for continued use. I have been unable to contact their Customer Service department through their website or by phone. Apparently there is no Customer service. Another American company that has failed to provide a product that will last more than 2 weeks. I have reviewed many customer complaints on this product and I find that my leaking problem seems to be the main complaint from everyone. Oh, did I mention that they sell extra handles for $5.50? And the stock seems to be out at this moment. I would not recommend this product or any product from this company this.

  • Sr Storm - good new features, great product

    I upgraded to Microsoft Word 2010 from Word 2000, so I can sympathize with those reviewers who complain that the new interface is hard to learn. In fact, because of their comments, I decided not even to try using Word 2010 right away for productivity. Instead, I took an hour or more to simply play around with it, trying fun new things, to see what this new program can do, and where to find the menu items. Even then, it does take some time to learn your way around the new interface, as you start to use it. In addition, I would recommend browsing through a simple book, to even further help you learn your way around, and possibly avoid some frustration.

  • Jade Aro - Reliable summary as always!

    This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have purchased a summary from the same author and as usual, I am very thankful. This summary is about one of my favorites, The Power of Habit. This was given to me as a casual reading by my mentor a few years back and I got this book as a refresher of sorts. The chapters were well explained without being too dragging or boring. Awesome summary!

  • debby - Love this lotion

    I am fairly new in trying Gold Bond lotions. Gold bond now is my favorite and I just can't believe I have waited so long. It igoes on nice and smooth and feels so good on my skin. The lotion isn't runny and it really helps with my itchy dry skin. The aloe lotion smells really good and I definitely recommend this. I am really happy with my purchase and definitely will purchase more as needed.