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  • Pearly Elvira - very nice product

    My mom, sister and I follow this calendar and wear the witch color everyday. It's a fun thing to do together. - year 3 of the tradition, and going strong!

  • Hugh W. - Initial impressions of Office 2013

    I have used Office 365 AKA Office 2013 for a few months on another machine. There are a lot of new features above Office 2010 that have benefits to the user. However, as with most MS products of late it requires the user to spend a lot of time exploring each feature and deciding if there is a real benefit to the user. Most of those who use the product in a business setting need ease of initial set up and launching of the product and interface with older MS versions as quickly as possible. The installation on a new Windows 8.1 desktop machine went smoothly. However, if you already installed Office 2010 or earlier versions of office and installed Office 2013 without uninstalling 2010 it can cause problems especially if you use iCloud devices. I was my experience under these conditions Office 2013 becomes unstable and requires a reinstallation. For me it took several reinstallations before it settled down.


    Wow what's next I love these CHARACTERS they were the truth I love me some Mayhem AWESOMENESS The whole series was straight fyahhhhhhhhhh

  • Amazon Customer - Five + stars

    If you're not 20 years old and male, I recommend this highly. I'm 72 years, a lady. This is very easy to use and I'm cutting overgrown grass/weeds 2 feet tall. Light, almost no vibration, pretty quiet. Battery lasts about half an hour with heavy heavy use. I don't care. Gets the job done with minimal effort from me. That's what I wanted and why I bought this. Takes about 5 hours to come back to a full charge so I ordered 2 more batteries. That, better than dealing with the fire dept. The trimmer line appears to last forever, was I shocked. I'm still on the first spool. It's easy on the back but I still ordered a universal strap. Push button start, the shaft adjusts to your comfort zone. I didn't want to deal with a pull-cord start. No gas fumes or mixing oil with gas. I love the wheels, I wheel this to cut and this ground is very uneven. If there's a problem, I lift the machine a little. I'm using this on a 2 acre lot.

  • Karen P. Fletcher - Very Surprised about How Well It Worked!!!!

    I got this stuff because my part has grown wider and wider. Here I got a nice new haircut and all I feel like doing is buying a wig. I did my hair and blew out the style. Then I sprinkled small amounts and patted, and some spots needed a bit more and I sprinkled some more. It works! It stays in place for 3 days that I know of. It works so well I've started wearing makeup again! I got medium blonde because I color my hair medium blonde and it gets lighter. Which fits right in to always looking natural. I will be using this stuff forever, even if I'm not going out because I won't even have to look at that wide part anymore. It's saved me from being upset enough to buy a wig. I can't see the fibers even right up against the mirror. This is truly a wonderful product for most people. I will be using this forever!

  • Amazon Customer - The product arrived in a timely manner and got rid ...

    The product arrived in a timely manner and got rid of my migraines that I have been having for years. I would purchase it again.

  • Lloyd - Everything I was expecting and more!

    Loving using this product so far. I have an older car with an older stereo, and it's always been a pain to secure my phone when I would hook it up with auxiliary cords.