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  • Debra - Does NOT work as advertised

    I would NOT waste money buying this product and will tell everyone who thinks about buying it that it's a scam. It advertises that it boils water in less time when it actually takes double the time than a 10 year old glass surface cooktop. I tested it with proper pans and the same measure of water and it took 9:30 seconds to bring water to a boil compared to 4:20 for the glass cooktop with the same water and pan.

  • A. V. Bentzeen - Extra fun!

    Kids and parents loved it! Fun for all family allowing all playing together. Also is a extra dose of exercises.

  • Scott Lallier - As promised

    as promised... good for practice problems... shouldn't be only study resource but good source to get practice tests and problems

  • B. Williams - Amazing product but 1 hour plus hold times. Will be great if that can be considerably reduced

    Amazing technology, works great and when you get someone, they are usually polite and knowledgeable. Here is the only reason for the 3 stars. I think management has told support what to say regarding hold times because they all say the same thing and that is that they are hiring and it has been a busy holiday season. They actually use the extremely long hold times as a plus to how many people are buying their product. BUT.... many others are saying or thinking the same thing that I am and that is as much as I like this product, it is only as good as it's support personnel which are good, but how many people are going to put up with an hour plus hold time every time you want to order something or ask a question. Nobody minds waiting a few minutes like most all other companies, but your hold time gets the trophy. I now know the limitations on my cordless home phone's battery time. I know that if I do not see a huge improvement in the next month, I may be taking them up on their very generous offer of the 60 day return privilege. ATTENTION MANAGEMENT !!!! THIS IS A REAL SHAME, WHEN YOU HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT AND GREAT PEOPLE BUT CANNOT SHOW THE COUNTRY THAT YOU ARE A COMPLETE WELL ROUNDED COMPETING COMPANY, BECAUSE YOU FAIL TO HAVE OR LOOK AHEAD REGARDING SUPPORT STAFF NUMBERS. YOU HAVE COME UP WITH A GREAT IDEA AND A GREAT PRODUCT, BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SUPPORT AND SALES PERSONNEL,IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME WHERE YOU WILL BE READING EVEN MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE. It is a shame.

  • Donald Mckee - Not a solution

    I had used this a long time ago as it sounds like a good way to jump start a new diet for motivation, it does that. However, if you keep dieting after it ends you will notice you pleatue for a little while as your body then starts losing fat whereas this only cleanses fluids (due to excess sodium intake) and doesn't cause very much weight loss. Physically it is not possible to lose 10 pounds in 48 hours unless 10 pounds is a very low percentage of your body (morbidly obese for example may lose 1-2% of their body weight daily on Doctor supervised diets which can exceed 10 pounds).

  • Mark Twain - I'm not a ninja.

    I was in NYC a few weeks ago and walking through the Canal St. section (Chinatown). Various vendors called to me, trying to entice that little voice in my head that said things like "you need a fake Rolex", or "that three-foot tall elephant statue would look great in your bedroom". I was stronger than the voice, however and was able to fend off all impulse buying urges - even for a cool pack of "ninja throwing knives" which I'm sure are illegal in at least 48 states. Also, aren't ninjas Japanese? Anyway I was doing well, not making eye contact with anyone and weaving my way past all the authentic Chinese merchants (like McDonalds). Then, out of the corner of my eye there was a glint of sunlight reflecting off of the most wonderful multi-colored display of treats that I have ever seen. It was like the world stopped for a moment, and this five-pound bag of heaven was calling to me. I walked over and asked the lady holding a monkey "how much?" Twenty five dollars. Whoa. I told her no way that was too much. Then she reached down under the table and brought out a black velvet pouch of DRAGON shaped ninja throwing knives and said these mystical words: "knives too". I don't even remember handing her the money but the next thing I knew I was carrying a five-pound bag of Haribo gummi bears in one hand and holding my throwing knives in the other. I had about a 45 minute brisk walk up to Grand Central so I was glad to have a snack to munch on while I was walking.

  • Henry T. Burks - Why I rated

    Given my experiences, I would take a long hard look before buying additional AVG products. While the Software come highly rated, if you cannot install it, it is useless. In addition, If they can't install software they should at least refund all or some of the installation fees charged, for services they have not delivered.