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Introducing Absorb GT1™ : Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold - The Absorb scaffold is a new PCI therapy; it will dissolve completely over time, leaving nothing behind but a patented, functioning, restored vessel.

  • https://www.absorb.com/bvs-value-proposition Clinical Benefits and Practical Advantages of Absorb GT1™ - Because Absorb BVS dissolves completely over a period of 2-3 years, it offers unique benefits for your patients that stents cannot. Find out more.
  • https://www.absorb.com/repair-restore-renew-vessels How Absorb GT1™ Repairs, Restores, and Renews - Learn how the Absorb vascular scaffold repairs vessels, and offers long-lasting benefits to patients as it restores and renews the vasculature.
  • https://www.absorb.com/patient-outcome-data Learn Why Patients Prefer Absorb GT1™ - Absorb has been used to treat more than 125,000 patients in over 100 countries. Extensive clinical trial data demonstrates benefits of restored vasomotor function.
  • https://www.absorb.com/frequently-asked-questions Frequently Asked Questions About Absorb GT1™ - Better understand what Absorb is, how it compares to XIENCE, what is the difference between BRS and BVS, and more. Find answers to common questions here.
  • https://www.absorb.com/technique-why-absorb Use the Absorb PSP Implant Technique - Follow the PSP steps - prepare the lesion, size appropriately, post dilate - to help you achieve the best short- and long-term outcomes for your patients.
  • https://www.absorb.com/mechanism-of-action Absorb GT1™ Mechanism of Action (MOA) | How Absorb Works - View the MOA video to see how this device restores natural vessel function, which is what differentiates Absorb from any DES stents available today.
  • https://www.absorb.com/phases-of-resorption Absorb GT1™ Phases of Resorption | How Absorb Works - From revascularization, to loss of mechanical support, and finally full mass loss and bioresorption, Absorb functions very differently than a metal stent.
  • https://www.absorb.com/percutaneous-coronary-intervention Advancements in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) - Absorb GT1™ is not a new type of stent. It's a revolutionary PCI therapy that repairs and then restores a vessel without leaving anything behind.
  • https://www.absorb.com/technique-how-it-works Use the PSP Implant Technique for Absorb GT1™ - Follow PSP implant steps - prepare the lesion, size appropriately, post dilate - to help you achieve the best short- and long-term outcomes for your patients.
  • https://www.absorb.com/clinical-trials Absorb GT1™ Clinical Safety & Effectiveness Data - See details and analysis of clinical trial results for the safety and effectiveness of the bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS).
  • https://www.absorb.com/important-safety-information Absorb GT1™ Important Safety Information (ISI) - See Important safety information for Absorb GT1™, including indications, contraindications, precautions, and other warnings.
  • https://www.absorb.com/for-your-patients Educate Patients about Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds - See helpful supporting information and resources to offer patients as you provide expert advice and education about Absorb GT1™.
  • https://www.absorb.com/resources-online-media-kit BVS Resources: Download Online Media Kit - Download the media kit that includes documents, images and videos related to Absorb GT1™ and access the scaffold size matrix to see available size options.
  • https://www.absorb.com/stent-size-charts Absorb GT1™ Stent Size Charts - Learn more about the various sizes of Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS) that are available.
  • https://www.absorb.com/sign-up-for-updates Receive Absorb GT1™ Scaffold Updates - Sign up to keep apprised of updates, clinical trial results and patient outcomes regarding Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffolds.

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  • Hannahlynnemt - Worth every penny!!!

    This stuff really works, it made my cover up tattoo on my hip very bearable (old tattoo was very scarred and raised) . I was soo numb during the outline, it actually tickled a little . It did wear off at the two hour mark, (even after letting it sit on my skin for two hours prior) . My artist let me put a little on, and 5 min later we finished it all up with no discomfort . Follow the directions exactly and it will work. Just be sure to take a hot shower and shave the area , after applying, (and wrapping )I even laid on my hip with the heating pad so it would absorb better. The fresh skin was still really numb, it just hurt when she had to go over and color over the old tattoo.

  • Klairey - Contains quaternium-15 , releases formaldehyde

    I may be an overly cautious granola, tree hugging mommy, with that said, science and facts are undeniable. There is quarternium-15 in this partucular wash as well as many others, it releases formaldehyde.They say its such a small amount that it isn't harmful, which to me is silly, any amount is unacceptable ( I went through a bottle and a half before finding out and that's quite a bit ) . Look in the ingredients, then google the chemical or look it up however you wish it's all the same. I've found that Johnson and Johnson makes aveeno products and you'll see quarternium-15 in there shampoos/bubble baths as well. I found a vanilla oatmeal that j&j makes that doesn't contain it, other countries have outlawed it and eventually it will be phased out in the states ( according to the info I've found and read ) . So be aware look up the ingredients. CBS news did a report on this years ago, it was just shuffled under the rug. Please protect our babies !! I would have liked to rate this with no stars.

  • don r branson - Fast Sevice

    Great bat at a great price. This company makes it easy to shop. I would recommend them to all. I shall continue to do business with this company.

  • R. M. Handel - Watch the recycling man cry

    I bought it just to watch the garbage man struggle pitifully as he attempted to fit the box into the back of his recycling truck. Worth it.