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Access Genetics & OralDNA Labs - Access Genetics and OralDNA Labs are in the business of personalized diagnostics. Our national reference laboratory offers advanced testing from DNA. We also develop and support in-office, commercial and hospital laboratories through our PartnerLab program, featuring our cloud-based TeleGene software and LabKit materials.

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  • judy - ok...not great

    It is exactly the same as the little eye packets they sell. It works for a few minutes and always leaves white residu...no matter how little you use. Not worth the money

  • L. Martinez - We like it.

    We like this game, although it's not our favorite of the Just Dance Series. It has a lot of current songs which we really like. It does have some very weird dance configurations though, wanting you to jump over your dance partner and flip over each other's backs and stuff like that. So it takes it from just dancing to various moves, to basically doing stunts. lol My kids thought it was kind of fun, but also weird. All in all this is still a pretty good dance game, just not the best so far.

  • Adore - Not as great as I expected

    Not as great as I expected. Seems as though there are so many raves about this fertilizer but I was disappointed. I like that it is pet friendly, hated the smell. Did not notice any drastic change in my lawn. Worked better on my flowers.

  • Mr&MzPrime - Then brush for a few minutes like normal. Afterwards you will rinse and brush with ...

    For a natural alternative to the main steam teeth whitening kits, this one does work. But it is going to be a long slow process to see any results. Upon opening the jar of charcoal.. there is this black powder that you will dip your toothbrush bristle tips into. Then brush for a few minutes like normal. Afterwards you will rinse and brush with your regular toothpaste.