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  • Abba's own - Finally, no more pain!

    I have been taking Turmeric for about 3 weeks now. I am finally sleeping through the night without being awaken with knee pain. This is the first time in years and I have been faithfully taking glucosamine for years. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is suffering with pain. I have subscribed to this product to have it mailed to me every month; I don't want to be without it ever.

  • zenmama - Cuts appetite because it tastes weird

    I can see why this promotes weight loss - when you add it to your water and drink it all day, it does not taste super awesome so your appetite is a bit suppressed with all those interesting flavors in your mouth! I was surprised that it's a very odd blend of citrus, cinnamon, mint and perhaps anise? It's a strange taste and not hard to see that when you drink more water all day, plus have this bizarre flavor going on, you might not want to snack and eat as much! I believe it works!

  • rodneyshia - stylish ride

    I got these for my 2009 Toyota Camry. They fit perfectly and they look really nice. I like the fact that they, in my opinion, look nicer than the Toyota brand hubcaps. These look as though they are made of high quality and they haven't faded or anything since I've received them. I am not disappointed with this purchase at all. I did receive this at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Khiresha - ... 2 days to realized I must have had a bad reaction to something in this pill left me with ...

    I couldn't say if it worked or not because I only took it for 2 days to realized I must have had a bad reaction to something in this pill left me with an unbareable headache that lead me to the hospital because no matter what kind of perks I took for the headache it just wouldn't go away it's also came with a high fever and body aches

  • VixterK - Works well but could use an applicator

    This eye shadow primer / base works fantastic. My shadow goes on nice and stays where I put it. Urban Decay works well, too. I do have to use a Q-tip to put it on though. Unlike Urban Decay, Too Faced does not come with any type of applicator and the only way I can get it all across my eye lid is with the Q-tip. It comes just in a plain tube. I should note that Too Faced is quite a bit cheaper than Urban Decay. I'll stick with Too Faced.

  • Matt - The maching on this cap is very nice. It comes with a tether so you dont ...

    The maching on this cap is very nice. It comes with a tether so you dont lose it. Also includes two different sized O-rings to get a proper fit. My only issue is that even with the larger ring installed, the cap is still kinda loose. Its still sealed but it takes little to no effort to remove or install. The tether has also broken within 2 weeks of having it installed. Not a big deal as the tether forced you to let the cap rest against the paint so now i just set the cap on the the bed rail plastic.

  • Siri - This game is gold

    The campaign is excellent, the ingame music is in another level and the multiplayer is amazing like every other battlefield game but better.