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Neu-Becalm'd Improves Focus, Behavior, Mood & More - BeCalm'd is a unique blend of amino acids that improve focus, behavior, mood sleep and more.!

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  • J. Moeller - Skinnytaste is the bomb!

    Gina has done it again. Another amazing cookbook full of delicious, healthy recipes. We've already started cooking from it. The pictures are gorgeous. I like reading cookbooks as much as using them, and this one is another winner. I started cooking from Skinnytaste.com several years ago while losing weight, and I've stuck with Gina because her recipes are real food that tastes amazing, unlike so many other "diet" foods. Keep it up!

  • weatheringthestorm - Absolutely amazing!

    I am so impressed with this light. My husband and I really wanted to get one of those star lights that are advertised on tv once you get closer to Christmas. We figured we would need to get a couple of them to truly cover our whole front house in these laser lights. Once we saw the in stores and saw how expensive they were we changed our minds. They just do not look like they are worth that much. They look flimsy. We decided not to buy any for the last two years. We still wanted that effect for Christmas.

  • sandra ogeen - Very pleased w product and would recommend it for appearance and improved skin texture. Given a choice would recommend cold plas

    It gives a lift appearance to my face. Although it is slightly drying probably due to the retinol possibly in it, it is only temporary, and overall, I am extremely pleased w it. Skin texture has improved also.

  • C. Sims - Effectiveness wins a prize!

    No doubt, the inventor deserves the equivalent of a Nobel prize for first, invisioning a way to combine simple ingredients into a solution that truly does work well for "THAT" smell. It also works on foul urine odor.) Secondly, for excellence in creativity for the names, packaging and spectacular marketing. (Watch the hilarious, ingenious YouTube commercials.) This particular fragrance is nice, but it needs more lavender oil. It smells more like vanilla-Lemon Pledge, but like heaven compared to doo doo! As much as I'm impressed with the overall product, I'm not by the price. Thus, only 4 stars. Why? It's quick & easy to make at home! No lie. Google it. Pinterest is full of recipes, too. Simple drug store glycerin (the coating agent) and excellent essential oils are the key. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is fabulous! But, if you're willing to make your own, you'll save A LOT of money by spending just a little time. And, you can name your own. If you run out, pour a little water and grease-fighting dish soap in the squirt bottle until you make/buy more.

  • John C Ritch - Get One!

    Very nice PC that takes up very little room. Was able to set up Windows Media Center with an over-the-air HD antennae in no time. It's now my main TV PC.

  • david michael woods - plastic piece of crap and works less than half the time

    this is not as advertised. Cheap and a piece of crap. most of the time it never turns off, i have to pull a battery out to shut it down. when you push the lever the other way to create the head,it works maybe 30% of the time, usually just pours more beer just like when you pull the lever towards you......again, piece of plastic CRAP