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  • RyansMom09 - Smells Great but doesn't work

    I have a 1600 square foot house so i bought 3 packages of 4 fresh cabs...this product appealed to me because i don't want dead mice in my walls or in my house at all. The product claimed to repell mice with smell...NOT TRUE...I've had fresh cab around my house for aleast 3 weeks...i have still seen mice... for what the product claims i have not seen happen....The smell is appealing almost like being around the forrest; that woody smell but doesn't work on getting the mice out, so after spending all this money on this product, i have sence went out and bought Ortho Defence max trap within 20 minutes we had a mouse...the biggest problem is mice can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser... Product is great if you are looking for an Air Freshener!!!

  • Carol - facebook

    I agree with another reviewer. I DON'T WANT TO LOG INTO FACEBOOK TO PLAY!!!!! The Facebook sign in screen came up 6(yes 6) times just trying to get to play. They're not going to force me to sign in. I'll be deleting soon! It was fun til now.

  • Matt - The software as well or better than the competition

    The software performs as well or better than the competition. I like that this software will protect multiple devices. I have used this software for 3 years now.

  • Marmie - i could love this game if it were not a rip-off

    So much fun and quite challenging until early on in levels you find out it forces you to start all over unless you agree to play through facebook. I don't play apps on fb. I socialize on fb. Two different things. So *#&% your gummy drop. It takes plenty of time to go through the levels to have you screw with people that way at various points of the game. Delete.

  • Shelley Lema - I've only read about half of it and have already laughed like a drunken fool multiple times.

    There must be something seriously wrong with me. I've only read about half of it and have already laughed like a drunken fool multiple times. Was going to say clown but, well, you know. Yes, they're talented, sweet, cute, hardworking, in love, etc. However, they are more endearing than funny on their show But this - this is something different. Try to read through the proposal without snorting. Up until this book I thought we were all married to the same man. We're not. Thank you, God. Love ya, Chip, but if that boat had shown up at my house, you'd have gone down with the ship. Sorry, shiplap happens. Not even done with the book and already wishing they'd write another one.