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  • Gadget Man Dan - Not on my Wow List

    I used to love a great flashlight. Mag lites were always my favorite for quality, dependability, and light quality. Ever since LED flashlights came out, I've changed my tune.

  • vs6220 - Delorme Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus Review

    I have been using Street Atlas USA since 2005. This stuff is great. It has more features than all my other GPS toys put together. Plus as I get older and my vision continues to fade, being able to look at a full size lap top screen versus the mini screens on my other GPS's is a major advantage. I highly recommend you try it. You won't be sorry!

  • dannevis - memory

    this dongle also uses way to much memory 21gb in less than an hour advice on formating for less memory use would be valuable!!

  • Anonymous - Goliath..great series review

    I love this show...Billy Bob Thornton is superb as a washed up lawyer who finally gets a case to get himself out of the hole he has dug for himself..the case is a wrongful death suit which on the surface seems cut and dried but the more he digs, the deeper and deadlier

  • Keeper - Don't buy it

    My daughter got this as a birthday present but was having trouble putting it together. It didn't take long to see why. The design and instructions are horrible.

  • andrewsheath - Devon

    I loved seeing Devon all flustered, “and. And. And. You cannot wear that.” He gestured toward her. “That is not a proper gown for a married woman!” I loved this book, I loved that Eugenia could drive Devon mad.